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Re: M390 Artifex

Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:17 am

chefknivestogo wrote:
brekk81 wrote:How does this compare to the aeb-l?

Rookie knows more about the steel than I do at this point. The general idea is it will offer a much longer lasting edge. I'm guessing it will also be harder to sharpen than the easy grinding AEB-L. It should be an ideal line knife and a great way to try the steel without blowing a ton of money.

All I can say is that my M390 Gyuto 240mm @ 62 Hrc was a biatch to sharpen, but I could not dull the edge the slightest bit after a week of cutting - it is simply amazing - also zero chipping at this stage.

My 2 x M390 Benchmades are also supposed to be 62 Hrc, but they sharpen much easier than my Gyuto???

I reckon Gareth Bull (the knife maker) really did the heat treat well as he has some vast experience working with M390.

...aint she lovely.....



Re: M390 Artifex

Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:01 pm

Sounds great and an awesome price to boot. I'm hoping to get my little m390 knives sent out to heat treat, hopefully within
the next week. I would imagine these will probably sell out in a couple days.

Re: M390 Artifex

Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:19 pm

Show us some pics when you get these done Brian. I want to check them out.

PS feel free to link to your business if you like.

Re: M390 Artifex

Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:11 am

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