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Looking for the right touch up stone for work.

Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:54 pm

Hi guys,

I am looking for a touch up stone for my bag. I currently take my naniwa pure/Snow White with me and touch up my knives at the end of every shift. I need something smaller and lighter that I can carry in my roll, so I am pretty sure the shapton glass is what I want. My question is should I stick with the 8000 or go down to 6000. My current stones are king 1000 and 6000, latte 400, the green brick, and the pure white. Most of my carbons finish on the 8000 most of my stainless finish on the brick and a few in between. It seems silly to take some of my knives up to 8000 only to touch them up back down to 6000, but on the other hand 6000 might be more appropriate for some of my knives.

These are the knives I use in order of usage.
Kono Fuji blue 2 gyoto
Kono hd2 nakiri
Kikuichi warikomi utility
Forchner bread knife
Kono Fuji White 2 suji
Tojiro boning knife
Sabatier chefs knife
Masahiro stainless chefs knife
Global meat cleaver

The top 6 are used regularly and the last three infrequently

Thanks for your input.


Re: Looking for the right touch up stone for work.

Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:14 am

Welcome...first of all! :)

Not a huge difference between these stones really....I'd get the 6k. It'll cut slightly faster if you ever need that at work. And a 6k edge is certainly sharp enough.
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