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Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:25 pm

Gesshin stones look very interesting, they seem to cut with incredible speed and have a very consistent result. I have not used any but might eventually try some out.

I would not recommend spyderco ceramics for professional use, they are good stones but you will do better with waterstones.

I strop but not too often, the 5k Nubatama, 6k Arashiyama, and 2k Naniwa green brick are my main finishing stones and with each I can get a pretty much burr free edge off the stone. Some steels are a bit stubborn and need a quick strop and that's where 1micron diamond on balsa comes in handy.

Really depends on what you want to do, changing stone will mean learning to use a new stone and you will not get the same results you are currently getting. Takes a few weeks to adjust to new stones. I know it took some time for me to like then adjust to chosera stones, still don't love them but they are very good stones. Even the double hard Ume 1k is taking a little adjustment because its so hard.

I would recommend thinking it over for another month or two as I'm sure the stones will last you that long. Once you have more experience with them you will better understand what you really need in a sharpening stone.

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:06 am

I am trying to avoid stropping as much as possible at the moment since I feel for my part it is stopping me from achieving the maximum from the stones plus if I want to convex an edge I will do it with the stone the stropping seems to convex the edge unless it is done with a lot of discipline . I run the blade through a cork to finish and may occasionally if there is some newspaper around do a couple of strokes on that but this to is rare for me.
I found that the first couple of knives I did on the waterstones did need stropping since I did not have a totally consistent edge but my edges improve all the time and so I feel less need to strop especially after the Bamboo 5k stone.

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:36 pm

You might be shocked as to the difference of an edge after a very light stropping of maybe just 3 strokes even after a 5k stone.

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:42 pm

Thank you I here people doing 50 stokes aside which seems a little excessive as said I wish to get my stone working as precise as possible then look at stropping again although 3 or more but less than 10 strokes sounds acceptable .

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:47 pm

I almost never do more than 12. Most of time it's a 3-2-1 at the most. And I agree with Jeff, you might very well be amazed at the difference it can make. ;) I think you get the stones max potential from just the stones, but stropping is what gets you to the knives max potential.

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:45 pm

Paradox thank you what stropping compounds or sprays do you prefer and on what?

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:04 am

Oh my. Tough question. I strop on my Kalamazoo 1x42 machine, I have two 11 x 3 stropping bases for hand stropping, and several different ones for the EP.

For the machine I have leather, cloth, and felt belts. I have enroute some linen belts. So far on the machine my fav ending spot is Ken's 1 µ cBN emulsion on leather.

For the HA strop bases I have in leather; cowhide, split cowhide, horsehide, and kangaroo on glass. Non leather I have balsa, felt, and "nanocloth" on glass. For most routine maintenance of my kitchen knives I use two balsa strops, one with Ken's 3 µ BC emulsion and one with Hand American 1 µ BC paste.

For putting on the strops, I have way to many choices:

Ken's emulsions: 3 µ BC, 1 µ cBN, and .1 µ cBN.
Ken's Sprays: .75 µ cBN, .125 µ cBN, and .1 µ cBN.
HA Sprays: 1 µ diamond and .25 µ diamond.
HA pastes: 1 µ BC and .5 µ Chromium Oxide.

Soon I hope to add some pastes to the mix for use on belts with my machine. I have been playing tag with Ken on this but his sense of mystery seems to be forcing me to go elsewhere for it? We'll see. ;)

When I apply the sprays to bases I use a sheet of copy paper under the strop to catch the overspray. I have even used that paper for stropping with success too. Just trying different combos is half the fun.

Re: Looking for long lasting stones.

Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:01 pm

Thanks for that I do use the leather wheel on my Tormek for finishing off blades after sharpening on my Edge Pro normally up to 1200 grit but I am finding my results to be well refined on my Bamboo 5K (and I would not put a blade I had refined on waterstones to that degree on to the Tormek)and hardly need it and I believe the Edge Pro will be more for cheap knife touch ups in the future or for small folding blades .
I currently have a couple of other low tech methods for honing one is denim with layers of dried liquid metal polish then a homemade leather strop with red compound on it and a small german razor stop one side has the red jewelers rouge and the other is plain leather oh and of course newspaper & cardboard with dried liquid metal polish on it .
Interesting that you have polishing belts for the Kalamazoo I had no idea of that ; that must save heaps of time on touch ups on cheaper knives .
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