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Re: Looking for Knives for line work and home use

Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:29 am

KEVVY <> The Tojiro Shirogami is arguably one of the most reactive knives on the CKTG menu; the reactivity you are experiencing should be expected.

Your comment, "...and most likely use a rod or other contraption when at work." scares the hell out of me. First, steels don't sharpen... they only straighten or true deformations at the edge of the edge, but what scares me is this other contraption. I would have to assume you are talking about either a mechanized grinding wheel like a Chef's Choice or the hand-held V-edge pull through garbage that you get for free when you spend over $75 on a knife somewhere. Please don't destroy your knives on those...

Knives are useless tools dull; learn how to sharpen. You're already 5 years deep; it's a necessity. Here's your STONE SET. Skip the steel, and go with a strop<>set as it's double duty. They can allow refinement beyond your stones in less expensive options, and they work to true your blade as a steel would but w/o degrading your high grit finishes.

You mentioned somewhere in there about a boning knife & a Honesuki. Don't waste your money, dude. A Honesuki is a niche profile that is silly task specific. Yes, it's fantastic at boning birds, but so is a boning knife... either straight or curved. You're on a budget, and the concept of two boning knives, a knife you will most likely use least out of all your set, is nonsensical. Down the road, you start collecting knives - go for one, but it's like buying a Gyuto & a Nakiri... too much redundancy for a budget minded set.

Regarding the Koishi's... what insight are you looking for? Very hard Kato-san hammered tsuchime stainless-clad AS. Their Bunka actually fits your 7" gyuto idea quite well while I still think it's way out of budget.

Overall knife recos, I think this thread is past, but if you can make it fit into budget consider integrating the Kikuichi into your purchases.

Re: Looking for Knives for line work and home use

Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:56 am


Thank you for your response, I have read your post on other similar threads and i like the advice you give :)

I use a ceramic rod atm to sharpen knives, though some of the guys i work with use those hand sharpeners.

Also I find it hard to pull the trigger on a set of stones just yet as I really only need to sharpen my gyuto (so had it professionally sharpened for 8$ after 2 weeks or use).

As for which type of knife to go for, I am thinking of picking up a boning knife first, but after that not sure. Most of my prep at work is vegetables > poultry > beef. Though I cook mostly fish at home.

Like at the end of the day i mostly would like to own a set of knives that cover a decent range of tasks.

Re: Looking for Knives for line work and home use

Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:24 am

Thank you for your sentiment. It's not common for someone to resonate w/my style so it's always a pleasure to hear.

Did you watch the $8 sharpening; was it done on stones? As for your doing it yourself, all you need is one combo-stone because @$16 a month you're paid for in 3. That stone w/a newsprint strop can produce an edge presumably sharper than anything you've ever felt.

As for your boning, the Artifex is a great steel with a classic profile... classic because it works. Same steel in a different profile that you might consider is the single bevel Takayuki. This is $25 more expensive & the single bevel confuses sharpening, slightly, but a single-bevel edge is a spectacular thing.

Re: Looking for Knives for line work and home use

Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:36 am

KEVVY <> I was just studying this knife, and I'm thoroughly impressed with its profile. I think this is your answer to a 7" Chef's. I'm really impressed with this profile...
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