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Looking for 2 or 3 'cross-use' budget knives

Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:15 pm


I spend most of my cutting up meats for bbq, and cutlets for stews. Starting to delve a little more into cooking and want to get a nice starter set that rounds out my cooking needs.

A couple of planned uses: Trimming the fat off beef, pork. Cutting smooth fillets for smoking fish. Cutting through chicken bones. Chopping stew sized veges.

So far I have chosen the
Richmond Artifex 270 bread (guess it also can double as a slicer)
Richmond Artifex 210 gyoto (I was looking for the one with 3 pins in the handle because it comes with the extra finished edge per another post)

I am considering a Utility knife (it's described as pretty multi-functional)
Also, the carver is described as being a common choice for professionals in lieu of the chef's knife.

I have a Henckel paring knife that works pretty good and a chef and carving knife (both dull) I have attempted to sharpen without much luck. So I guess I will need a decent and easy-to-use sharpening product.

Sorry if my questions are no brainers to answer but, I want to be sure I am on the right track.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Re: Looking for 2 or 3 'cross-use' budget knives

Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:44 am

Cutting through chicken bones is the odd man out there! A meat cleaver should work for that, but most Japanese knives should not be used for that task. They are much thinner and harder than the European style knives and won't take that abuse. A Honesuki is designed to break down chicken by going thru the joints, but isn't made for hacking on bones.

A 150mm petty will work well for trimming meats and smaller prep duties. A 210mm or 240mm gyuto will work for the main prep duties of meats and veggies. The Artifex bread knife has pointed serrations, so it may tear the meats more, but works well on breads. I would look at a Sujihiki, which is for slicing meats, like turkey breast, roasts, etc. Many are flexible and should work well for breaking down fish fillets and skinning the fillets, but not boning out the fish (it would be too long). Some people use a 150mm petty for filleting smaller fish.

The 210mm Artifex with the Camo Laminate handle has been finish sharpened IIRC. I believe you can add finish sharpening to the stock Artifex gyuto's as well, but I don't see it listed as an option?

Re: Looking for 2 or 3 'cross-use' budget knives

Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:42 am

even the european knives i've used aren't even supposed to be used for chopping through chicken bones. i still use a meat cleaver for that.

Re: Looking for 2 or 3 'cross-use' budget knives

Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:12 pm

Sorry, bones was the wrong term I guess. Cutting through the joints is what I will be doing actually. Sounds like a bread knife may not be ideal for doubling as a slicer. So I may go with a Sujihiki instead/also because of the diversity.

I don't know much about knives but it seems that the Artifex is liked quite well and because of the type of steel AEB-L is a better choice for maintaining its sharpness durability.

Thanks guys for the advice.

Re: Looking for 2 or 3 'cross-use' budget knives

Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:37 pm

Yeah, a 210 gyuto, 150mm petty and a 270m Sujihiki should cover just about all of those needs! The AEB-L is a really nice stainless steel, too.
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