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Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:19 am

So being a qualified chef for the past 10 or so years, and going through endless knife choices and tools... Not to mention different kitchen setups and sizes.

I'm interested to see what everyone else uses for line work,
basic prep / full blown all day prep and or minor services / catering for small groups... or even heavy home use

Personally i prefer 210 and 240 gyutos within reach and a 210 suji. Occasionally a 150 petty for minor line work ( stainless if im in the mood to be lazy - clad / all carbon if im out to impress myself... ) I was recently wanting to try a kiritsuke profile but cant justify a loss at the moment if its unsuitable...

Prep wise i love the 240 ks profile and it would have to be my go-to.. 210 - 270 suji for random stuff.

about 70% of the line work i do is degustation / dissasembled gastronomy work

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:25 am

Tojiro ITK Kiritsuke is relatively inexpensive and performs pretty well. The tips of Kiritsuke's can be VERY fragile though. They tend to be flatter edge profile wise than most Gyuto's, flatter than the KS IIRC.

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:37 am

shame CKTG can only ship tojiro's in the USA :cry:

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:56 am

I use a 210 hiromoto g3 suji as my go to line knife

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:38 am

The knives I use for all day prep are Yoshihiro 270 gyuto and Richmond paring. When working the line I pull out the Tanaka 240 Ginsanko gyuto or stick with the house knives. The knives that get the most use at home are Victorinox 10" chef and paring; also some Wustof utility for smaller items.

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:49 pm

NAV <> As you touch upon, it totally depends on the kitchen, the line, that days product & specials, etc.

Though I rotate knives, my daily kit on my station is typically a 95mm paring, 150 petty, & 240/270 gyuto. I quite often use a 4-knife kit whereas I implement a 95mm paring, 150 petty, 210 Gyuto, & 270 Gyuto.

During service, typically everything goes away, but a 210 Gyuto or 150 petty. And those would most often be my Kanehiro AS <--link & Kanehiro G3 <--link. Obviously, items like maki or crudo or whole roasts would then necessitate an appropriate slicer of which I go with my Misono 440 Suji<--link or my Kaneshige Yanagiba <--link.

Regarding the Kiritsuke: I empathize, in that, they are interesting, but I also recognize the profile is just SO FLAT... it is undeniably limiting. To me, it then falls into the niche knife category, a toy, a very purpose specific addition similar to a Honesuki. Yes, I own them, but they're toys. If I went there, it would absolutely be a Konosuke <--link due to the double-bevel & "hybrid" profile.

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:57 pm

Nav wrote:shame CKTG can only ship tojiro's in the USA :cry:

pm me....

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:14 pm

The Tojiro ITK Kiritsuke is a double bevel, too, not a single bevel. It is very flat! My mom knocked mine off of the counter it was on and I lost 1/2" off of the tip, so I ground it back and now its a 215mm Nakiri!!

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:09 pm

Melampus <> Yeah i totally understand its all dependent on the kitchen, line and produce/product..

Seems you have a thing for Kanehiro... may i ask why? and what led you to your decision with them?
Personally im a masamoto fanboy... have kinda been interested in konosuke however at that price and with me already owning a few lasers... i would have to go with a fujiyama blue... and i would have to say out of all the profiles kono's looks the best to me... But as you said. FLAT is FLAT. and i dont think its a very versatile performer...

hows your kaneshige yanagi? looks nice for the price... wondering what the grind and steel is like..

Re: Line knives.. what do you use on the line?

Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:07 am

NAV <> I'll respond, but out of order.

Yes, I deeply resonate with Kanehiro knives, and I was drawn to my first one, the AS210 Gyuto, mostly, due to it's height. When I had purchased it from CKTG, there were really few other options for a Wa-210 in that height. I have developed an extremely specific preference in height, profile, & the inter dynamic thereof over the years. The 210's like the Konosuke or Suisin come in at 42mm; that's a sujihiki/petty to me. The Tanaka Sekiso is a perfect fit, but I wasn't looking for a fully reactive blade that day. The Takayuki Grand Chef was also a perfect fit, but was ultimately beat out by the AS Kanehiro in my decision process.

Amid that process, I was considering the laminated Aogami Super, was considering the Hrc 63, considering the 215mm edge, considering the blade's dimensions & edge profile, considering the blonde & longer Wa, considering the hand hammered construction, considered their heft, I USED THE SEARCH BUTTON to answer my own questions and refine my own line of questioning that I was developing so as to not push people to regurgitate what had been said 1000 times before. {that was not a passive aggressive attack on you - just a pet peeve of mine leaking out whereas others ask questions simply because they are too lazy to do the work on their own and just want someone to hand them an answer in their lap. Instant gratification generation annoy me, you now? I digress...} Then, I asked questions, studied & considered every facet of that knife and every other damn knife on this site & other sites ad nauseum until I had decided on it after much deliberation. I have yet to buy a knife in over two decades of cooking that wasn't what I thought it was because of the investigative protocols I follow. I study, study, study, and I have a lot of knives... most-of-the-inventory-t2195.html

Anyhow, once I used my first Kane, I just knew. You know when you know something is right because it just is. Everything felt right. It fit. It didn't fight. It was an extension of me. And the Kanehiro AS, oh the Kanehiro AS... to date, my two AS gyutos take & keep the sickest edges I can produce on any of my knives. All things being equal, as equal as they can be, none of my other knives match their edge in ultimate edge, working edge, edge retention, feedback on the stones, etc. It wows me. Furthermore, I love their Wa's; the feel, their color & they're a bit longer than most. Wa-circumference is average, if not slightly thin.

There IS a soul to their knives. I resonate...

Masamoto. Yes, I'm a fan, as well. I have & love a KS. Actually just spoke with someone today who had acquired a newer one that had been forged to 49mm tall. WOW, I'M JEALOUS! My 46.5mm height is my only gripe, but the knife is just too good for me to care... that much.

Konosuke. It sounds like you're talking about a Kiritsuke, but I don't think Kono makes the Kiritsuke in Fuji B#2. You lost me a bit there. I love Konos, I have many. In Kiritsuke, like I said, I feel their profile is most versatile for an American Chef, but I can't drop that kinda money on a niche knife. I just don't have that kind of disposable income, and I don't believe it to be... that versatile.. versatile enough for me to spend $280 on an HD.

Kaneshige. That Yanagi is a hidden gem at that price point on the site. Everyone ignores the W#3, but it's GREAT for a single-bevel, and I can't say who but it IS forged by one of the most talented smiths in Japan. It's tougher than W#1, and on a Yanagi I microbevel my face bevel, but I don't back bevel so you're talking a super acute included angle. Grind is above par at its price point, and after you settle into your sharpening sequences, she becomes yours quite well.
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