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Light-Weight Cutting Board Recommendations

Wed May 22, 2013 12:14 pm

I apologize that this isn't directly a knife question, but it is, to some extent driving knife decisions.

Right now, we've got quite a stock of 12"x18" poly boards, typical color-coded NSF/restaurant ones. They neatly go through the dishwasher, are easy for my wife to manage, but are a bit small for using a 300 mm gyuto. My wive loves our Aritsugu (Kyoto) 300 mm gyuto, uses a 10" Forschner that I've sharpened much steeper than it was delivered, as well as 150 mm petty, ~170 mm santoku knives, and occasionally similarly resharpened Victorinox 3 1/4" paring knives.

I'm additionally not thrilled by the poly boards as I'm not convinced that they are as easy on edges as our larger Boos wooden board, or our larger Sani-Tuff (rubber) boards (my go-to boards for vegetable prep). The biggest problem with those boards is that they are just a bit too heavy to easily wash in our residential split-bowl sink. The poly boards also aren't the best with slicing cuts as they tend to slice nearly as well what you're cutting. (Though I do like the San Jamar 9"x12" Saf-T-Grip boards for cooked meat and sandwich prep, at least until they get too scored by slicing.)

I've seen smaller hinoki boards that are relatively light, but haven't seen any that are designed for anything much bigger than a snapper or a small salmon. Certainly enough for that, and probably big enough for the meats I work with (I don't break down primals).

With something like a Konosuke HD2 240 mm funayuki being added to the stable soon, I'd appreciate any insights you might have on cutting boards that are
  • Deep enough to comfortably use a 240 mm knife
  • Gentle on edges
  • Light enough to easily manage in a home kitchen
  • At least moderately affordable

The last one is more flexible, as I'm generally getting the "raw foods" vs. "vegetable" board-use practice, but not full-on segregation across to the principal driver of weight and size, so I'm probably not going for more than one or two, at least to start.

I'd also be interested in a good supplier of quality honoki boards for home-use fish prep as well.

Re: Light-Weight Cutting Board Recommendations

Wed May 22, 2013 2:14 pm

I can't think of much other than these:

http://www.amazon.com/Epicurean-Kitchen ... B0008F6ST4

I don't like them, but can't think of anything you've not already tried.

Re: Light-Weight Cutting Board Recommendations

Wed May 22, 2013 3:56 pm

The Epicurean boards are OK. Easy to clean. Don't seem to warp at all. Hard as a rock but easier on an edge than a poly. Depending on technique they can be very noisy. The lady of the house is very hard on boards and knives. The Epicurean boards hold up amazingly well.
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