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Kudos on the Artifex line

Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:18 pm

I guess, as a back-story, I should explain. My parents have had this sort of chip on their shoulder for the past decade or so regarding Christmas. They always want to get me something tangible, but my interests/hobbies generally lean towards the expensive side of things. I wouldn't expect or ask them to spend $200+ on me for a Christmas present. I'm an adult and that is silly.

With that being said, my mom approached me and asked for ideas for me for Christmas this past December. Knowing that the Artifex line had come out kinda recently, I pointed her in the direction of the 210mm Gyuto. I figured it wasn't a lot of cash and I like supporting house-brands. Especially since I've had nothing but stellar experience with CKTG. I've been really "into" the budget-minded carbon knives, ( I have several of the Tijoro Shirogami line and the CCK 1303 has been my go-to for the past year or so) but I thought a new stainless addition might be cool.

I got the knife for Christmas and looked it over. Nice balance, good price, good fit and finish. My general impression was " cool. Good knife. Why would anyone buy a Shun Classic when this is available and so inexpensive compared?" I set it aside and basically committed it to cutting acidic foods etc.

Fast forward to today. I got a little bored and I had a beer or two. I decided I would see how the knife would perform with a more acute edge angle on it. I spent 30 mins or so on the knife laying the edge back and brought it up to 6K.

TOTALLY different knife. This thing SCREAMS! I haven't cared much about stainless for the past year or so, but I will say that AEB-L, at first impression, seems like some killer steel.

So, with all that nonsense being said, a big kudos to the CKTG folks for making a knife that is built well and will take a really great edge for such a reasonable price.

I'll be turning all of my knife-ignorant friends onto these as a good tool at a reasonable price.

Re: Kudos on the Artifex line

Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:30 pm

Thanks so much for the kind words and I'm really glad you enjoy the knife. It's now the most popular chef knife on our site!

Re: Kudos on the Artifex line

Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:32 pm

I second that At first I wasn't to thrilled with it but once i sharpen it a few times and got my angle right fell in love perfect for work It truly a smooth cutting knife and co workers are very impressed too
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