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Konosuke HH v. HD 240 gyuto question

Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:27 am

Hey, can somebody tell me the pros and cons of the Konosuke HH steel vs. the HD steel? It would appear that the HH steel has as high (or higher) RC hardness as the HD, but with almost no reactivity due to the quality of the steel. If so, wouldn't this be the way to go if one was considering trying a new Konosuke? Would appear such a knive would give you all the upside of the Konosuke geometry and laser-like qualities it is reputed to have, without any downside of reactivity or maintainence issues in wet environments. Is this the case? and if so, is there any advantage of buying the HD over the HH at this point?

I have got to believe this has already been addressed in another thread, and if so, if somebody can point me to it, I will pick it up there. Thanks!

Re: Konosuke HH v. HD 240 gyuto question

Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:34 am

You are correct. After I had Konosuke harden the stainless version (now called HH, previously called swedish stainless) the blades perform and sharpen very similarly. You get the added bonus of a completely stainless blade with the HH version so I prefer these a little over the HD.
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