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konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:02 am


I was wondering about ordering a set of japanese kitchen knives, and I have a few questions.

What would you recommend konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line?

On the fujiyama blue #2 vs white #2, is the "blade road" more noticeable (more angled) on the blue #2 line? I like the look of the blue #2 better on the images but that might just be the image?

Do you have more images of konosuke fujiyama blue #2 and white #2 gyuto gyuto/fujiwara you can send over?

Do you recommend fujiyama blue #2 over the white?

Is these knives not recommended for a beginner wet stone sharpener? I have another gyuto I can practice on..

And one more general question, say I sharpen a knife every week and use it for all my home cooking, but takes excellent care of it, what is the life expectancy of that particular knife (say konosuke fujiyama)?

Is it so that I will reach a point where I have grind away too much steel and the knife is useless after a certain amount of time, or can I expect a lifetime of use if I take care of it and maybe refurbish it after some tens of years?

And one last question, some of the konosukes are out of stock. If I order 3 knives can you put in a special order and I send them to me when they are ready? And if I order 3 knives and wet stones for 1000+ US dollars, do I get a discount? And can you send the knives to Norway?

Thank you so much, and congratulations on the best japanese kitchen site around.

Kind Regards,

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:14 am

I just typed this reply....


Lots of good comparison between the Konosuke lines.

As to the rest of the questions that I'm able to answer:

I prefer white over blue.....I find it easier to sharpen. In a home kitchen, the one aspect of blue that stands out is edge retention, which shouldn't matter in a home kitchen.

I wouldn't recommend such a knife for a true knife beginner, no.

A knife like this will last for years....maybe your life time....if used in a home kitchen. You won't be sharpening it every week. You might strop it every week to bring back an edge...but I'd guess you'll be sharpening once a month, maybe less. I have knives, granted I have many knives, that's I've owned for years and I don't notice any change in them.

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:31 pm


White #2

Get this knife and never look back


Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:12 pm

Before I was into Japanese knives I was into swords, particularly from the Shinto/Edo period. What's neat about the Fujiyama blue #2 line, is the apparent presence of an authentic Shinogi, or 'ridge line'...in addition to the aggressive profiling. I've not seen any other Japanese kitchen knife that has this feature (however, I'm not Japanese!); one of the hallmarks of a true handmade blade. As far as I've read, makers moved onto kitchen cutlery after swords were banned, in an effort to carry on the tradition.

That profile and shinogi line (imo) pays tribute to the days of authentic sword making and takes extra effort to incorporate.
Of course, a few other basic features of sword making are present, such as the san-mai (kasumi) construction and the pseudo-fake-temper line('hamon' ~ clad line in kitchen cutlery). Missing is the Yokote. (...not that it's important in kitchen cutlery)


Adam has some good advice. I personally prefer Aogami, as it's essentially White steel and is easy to sharpen, but has all the added benefits of the additional alloys.
All the Fujiyama Blue's have the same profile and Shinogi...but the pseudo-hamons are obviously different. Either way, it'll be very close to what you see in the picture.
...Probably not great for a beginner. If you grind away that much steel that fast, your doing something wrong. Knives only need refreshing on a stone, etc...periodically.
The rest of the touch ups are done on your choice of strop, etc.

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:51 pm

I have both the fujiyama blue #2 and fujiyama white #2 gyutos. The pictures on the site are accurate. The shinogi line on the blue goes much further up the blade than on the white.

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:11 am

In this case, I don't believe this would be called a shinogi line.

In all the Fujiyama's knives I've seen, there was not a pronounced bevel change. The change was simply an aesthetic one.

Is this not the case for everyone else?

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:29 am

On my blue #2 fujiyama, it's definitely a pronouced bevel change. Maybe not as pronounced on the white #2 fujiyama, but I haven't looked at that knife in a while. In the case of the blue #2, it's definitely ground from the shinogi line down to the edge. Whether or not that's called a "shinogi" on the double bevel, I'm probably not qualified to argue.

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:55 pm

I checked my white #2 fujiyama earlier. There's definitely a bevel change along the line that you see in the product pictures. When I put the knife on a flat surface, it pivots along the shinogi.

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:26 pm

Just received my Fujiyama blue #2 ~ 240. Beautiful knife... It's quite abit thinner behind the edge than I thought it would be, almost akin to my Tanaka Nakiri (actually i just checked and it's quite abit thinner than the Nakiri :shock:)....but far nicer workmanship and quality.
Has a bit of heft with the ebony handle and balances perfectly at the pinch point. I imagine it will be great for busting through vege's...

Thank you very much Mark!

Re: konosuke hd or fujiyama white/blue #2 line

Thu Aug 15, 2013 7:20 am

Awesome...glad you like it.
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