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konosuke hd 240 mm

Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:17 pm

ok guys I'm having trouble, made the switch to japanese steel and love it but... I cant get the OOTB edge when going free hand on the whetstones. Im using 1k 3k and 5k chosera stones. Im semi new to hand sharpening and going up and down with thumbs barely touching stone. Am I attacking at wrong angle or should I start with heavier grit? bevels off? I get a bur seems more from pushing with handle in left hand but when I switch I feel like Im not getting enough (I'm left handed). I do the debur between grits and I'm cutting paper with it but the cut is not as clean feeling as it was . getting hung up alittle in center of onion and such and not that near silent going through carrots root veg ect.. I love this knife and know it can be so much better. any help is much appreciated. thank you.

Re: konosuke hd 240 mm

Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:13 am

First, let's make sure you're hitting the edge.

Take a permanent magic marker (Sharpie), and mark the edge of the knife heel to tip. Now, take a dry stone and make like you're sharpening it. Is the Sharpie gone all the way to the very edge on both sides heel to tip?

If so, you're hitting the edge. If not, you're too shallow or the edge isn't fully formed yet. Grind more or lower your angle! :)

Or, is the Sharpie only gone at the very edge?

If so, your angle is too steep. Lower it until you're removing Sharpie over the entire bevel.

Get the hang of the angle on the dry stone....you won't hurt nothing.

You know about burrs....we're ahead of the game already.

You need a burr the whole length of the edge before flipping to the other side and doing the same thing.

If you're removing the burr in your opinion and all other things above are in order and you're still not getting a sharp knife with a 5k Chocera then you're potentially being too wobbly when sharpening and destroying your edge. Or there is still a burr. Maybe make a few stropping passes on the 5k when you feel you're finished with a slightly steeper angle (you're going to put a micro-bevel on the edge) and see what that does.

Re: konosuke hd 240 mm

Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:41 pm

PS by lowering the angle Adam means raise the spine off the stone more. Odds are you are thinning the knife and missing the edge. Or you are wobbling on the stone a little too much and the edge is not forming. The magic marker trick is the best way to tell if you're actually grinding an edge.

Re: konosuke hd 240 mm

Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:12 am

thanks guys sorry it took so long to reply.. been doing 70 hour weeks. got it now,I was attacking too high.....sharpie was key.. zipping through now and getting better each time I use the stones. Thanks so much!!!! Still lots to learn but enjoying.
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