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Konosuke HD 150MM Petty

Sat May 24, 2014 5:48 am

Got my first chance to use the petty on a 5 pound box of portabella mushrooms. These were big mushrooms averaging half a pound each.
I bought the knife based on recommendations read here in the forum.
The fit and finish is very nice indeed. OOTB the edge was very sharp, all I did was strop it on some balsa with compound and bare leather.

I tried several cutting methods including slicing, push cutting, pull cutting and chopping. The knife is very thin which is a good thing when slicing mushrooms as you do not want the pieces to tear.

After removing the stem and cutting that up into smaller pieces, I started working on the large caps. I pulled the blade through the cap to make slices. The blade sharpness was amazing, it went right through, with no tearing whatsoever.

Then I either push cut or just chopped the slices into smaller pieces to be sauteed with some butter in my DeBuyer Mineral Iron Pan.

The Kono also got to taste my blood :oops: When I was pushing a slice off the side of the blade, my finger was at the wrong angle, I barely felt that I had been cut.
Of course a knife is not really yours until it has tasted your blood! :evil:

Compared to my other petty knife, which is a Seto VG 10, the Kono was sharper OOTB, and has much better fit and finish. I also like the blade geometry better on the Kono.

Re: Konosuke HD 150MM Petty

Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:06 pm

how is the edge retention so far? nice review.

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