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Konosuke Ginsan........

Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:59 pm

Just wanted to report that I received an early christmas present last night from my family........the 240 mm Ginsan!

I spoke to Mark and read some of his thoughts on the knife, the best being "like a BMW, its the best waste of money you'll ever spend....." or words to that effect. It is an awesome blade. I'm still a neophyte, but own a few good knives and this thing is pretty dang special. Handle is very comfortable, I guess you'd call it a hybrid. Very sharp out of the box. I'm looking forward to using it and learning more!

Thanks, Mark for all the help.......and I'm sorry there aren't anymore left for you!

Re: Konosuke Ginsan........

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:54 am

Don't worry I have more on order.:) The blacksmith that did your knife is one of the best in Japan currently making kitchen knives in my opinion. Have fun with that knife. Merry Christmas!

Re: Konosuke Ginsan........

Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:59 pm

I am also considering getting a Ginsan.

Any more comments about this knife say compared to the HD?

Re: Konosuke Ginsan........

Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:46 pm


I don't have any experience with the HD. Looking at pictures, the HD maybe a little bit of a taller blade, but Mark can verify or discount that.

I made a potato dish last night to go along with the traditional beef roast for Christmas and it required a ton of 1/8 slices of potatoes......it was fun to do with the Ginsan.
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