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Konosuke Funayuki Profile HD 240 Gyuto <-- SOLD

Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:57 am

Up for sale is a knife I never expected to get rid of, but I know it’s best to let it go. I still love it. Upgraded to a Devin Thomas ITK, so I need to make room in my knife drawer (and recharge my bank account), so this one needs to be off to a new home.

I find Konosuke handles a little small and long, and I’m not a huge fan of ho, so I had the original handle replaced (by Tim Johnson) with a custom of stabilized amboyna burl (from Dream Burls). Interesting piece that had a bit of sapwood, which shows on the top of the handle, and a blackwood ferrule.

Typical of Konosukes, it runs a little short—it is about 230mm along the edge. Weight with the new handle is 160g; balance point is just in front of the choil, and I honestly think it feels (and certainly looks) better with the new handle. This knife lives up to its laser reputation. The HD steel has the lower maintenance needs of semi-stainless, but many say it sharpens much like carbon, and has very good edge retention.

This has been sharpened a few times. Some minor sharpening scratches—nothing that really bothered me enough to do anything about. I’m sure they’d be easily removed if the new owner cares.

I wasn’t quite sure how to price this. This knife goes for $294 new (and it's currently out of stock at CKTG), and I’ve got a good bit more invested in the handle materials and labor, so I’m offering it here for $325, which includes paypal fees and shipping in the U.S.
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Re: FS: Konosuke Funayuki Profile HD 240 Gyuto

Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:41 pm

Price drop to 310.

Re: FS: Konosuke Funayuki Profile HD 240 Gyuto

Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:53 pm

Price drop to $299.

Re: FS: Konosuke Funayuki Profile HD 240 Gyuto

Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:21 am

Sold pending funds.
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