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Konosuke Extra Tall HD Gyuto 240mm

Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:46 am

Konosuke Extra Tall HD Gyuto 240mm AKA Richmond HD Addict
Location (City, State):Pittsburgh, PA
Review:From start to finish: As always, incredibly fast shipping. The box housing the knife is certainly the nicest of any I’ve previously purchased; this continues to the cardboard sheath for the knife. The fit and finish on the knife is astonishing. Absolutely perfect sharpening job (sharpest OOTB edge I’ve ever experienced), rounding of the spine was subtle, and the handle looked almost like it wasn’t made of wood (in a good way). The height and profile of the blade are perfect for me, and the edge retention is superb. I was very surprised at how light-weight it is; even with the taller/thicker blade, it still performs like a laser. This is the perfect knife for me, hands down.
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