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Konosuke and Masamoto questions

Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:32 pm

I do not see a phone number on your website - so I will email.

1.- On the Konosuke HD Gyuto 240 Custom Adam Marr - do you know the weight. Is there only one, or are there different woods available ?

2.- On the Konosuke HD 240mm Gyuto Corian - are the handles fitted at Konosuke ? How do these compare to the Adam Marr handle ?

3.- I have some Wusthof chef's knives - will the Global MinoSharp Plus 3 Sharpener work on the Wusthof and Konosuke knives equally well ?

4. On the Masamoto Santoku Knife 180mm - is this the newer High Carbon Stainless Steel "Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless steel blade" that is sold on Japanese Chef's knives.com, with a resin handle called “Duracon”. Or is your knife an earlier version - that may have some concerns ? My wife wants a smaller Santoku - but I do not seem to find one on your website.

5.- Do you have any promo deals, or special pricing on a combo order ?



Re: Konosuke and Masamoto questions

Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:42 pm

1. The kono that Adam did weighs 8oz. That one is most likely the last one we're doing with that knife. Adam will be doing more Hiromotos in the future with us and maybe some Goko westerns too.

2. Yes Konosuke did them. They are similar but a little less chubby compared to Adam's. Corian is a little heavier material which is why the knife still weighs more.

3. The mino sharp will work on both knives. You will need to grind them a little to get the edges matched up with the wheels. I encourage you to sharpen with a stone. You will get better results and it's way more fun.

4. They are the "new" ones that came out a couple years ago. Same as Koki's.

5. We don't offer deals besides the free shipping in the continental USA on purchases over $60. If you have a $2000 single order we may be able to do a tiny discount but we really try to offer static prices that are fair and we don't do sales since it just conditions people to wait for them instead of buy what and when they like. It's less stressful for us and our customers if we don't move prices around.
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