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Kono HH vs. Misono Ux10 steel

Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:17 pm

So I have eyed getting a Kono HD for quite some time. Then noticed that they are making the HD with Swedish Steel. Hmmmm, sharp knife that gets rave reviews, but also minimal reactivity.

I have several Misono UX10s (210 and 240 gyutos) which also use Swedish Steel. I see that the Kono HHs are apparently using a slightly harder version of Swedish Steel than the Misonos (RC 59-60 vs 61-62). Do I have that right?

Does anybody out there have both knives and if so, can they shed a bit of light on the differences between the two given that it would appear (emphasis) that each uses a very similar steel?

I am doubting that one could really tell the difference in the hardness and edge-retention capability between the two, given the difference between RC hardness, but I could be wrong.

I really love my Misonos -- yes, they are probably overpriced -- but they do hold a great edge, and the finish on these knives overall is amongst the best I have ever seen, not to mention that they are perfectly balanced. They also seem to take a lot of abuse, and just keep going strong. I would also like to know if the geometry and thinness of the Kono make it perform much differently than the Misono.

Thoughts, opinions?

Re: Kono HH vs. Misono Ux10 steel

Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:40 pm

Get the HH. It's fully stainless, sharpens great, has the exact same geometry and holds it's edge about the same (I can't tell the difference between them when I sharpen them or how the edge lasts). I also used the UX10 for years and think they're good knives too. I prefer the Konosukes but they're both good knives.
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