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Re: Kono HD Suji

Thu May 30, 2013 9:05 am

I think that most of the high-end funayuki sold in the US, including Carter, Konosuke and Zakura for instance, are actually sharpened on both sides. The moral of the story being, it's not the name of the knife, it's the knife.

Here I understood the question to concern the difference between the Konosuke funayuki profile in particular and a generic gyuto profile with more belly and rocker.

NOTHING makes a Kono funayuki superior at a given task than a Kono laser gyuto. You might be comfortable with one profile over another if you particularly favor one action over another. But remember: You can make any knife -- no matter how flat -- rock; and you can make any knife -- with any flat run at all -- push.

Good knife handlers can rock or push, and choose one or the other, depending on what they're doing. Some good knife handlers add a French style glide and tend to use that over the other two -- but will push or rock if circumstances dictate. If you have an established, preferred action and already know which profiles suit it best -- you know.


Re: Kono HD Suji

Thu May 30, 2013 12:53 pm

Ok, this is what I wanted to know. Thank you all for helping others to have a better understanding of kitchen knives.
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