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Re: Kohetsu HAP 40 Nakiri

Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:53 pm

Go for it Lunatic, you will love it!
I am still fighting off the urge to pull the trigger on the 240 Gyuto.

Re: Kohetsu HAP 40 Nakiri

Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:19 pm

phillysco wrote:
phillysco wrote:I just received the Nakiri today.
This is just a first impression, as I have not used it yet.
At first glance it looks like a Tamagahane, it's very western looking with a metal bolster and western handle.
The handle is a GORGEOUS mahagony, very well finished, with polished nickel silver rivets.
The nakiri blade looks like it's stainless, disguising that very lethal HAP 40 voodoo steel edge, It's very nicely polished.
Mine does not appear to have any fit or finish issues. It's a real looker!

The spine has minimal distal taper, the grind looks good, and the edge is thin, just the way we like em :lol:

With a pinch grip, it feels a little handle heavy. I am not sure if you guys in the trade would want to prep for a few hours in a row
with this one, it might feel tiring.

For us home cooks though, this Kohetsu feels like a winner!
I think for professional use, you guys might want to wait for the WA handled ones to come out, as those handles will probably be a little lighter and make the knife more blade heavy.
The edge OOTB is very sharp. I do not think anything more than an initial stropping before first use.
If I get a chance to use it this weekend, I will add to this post.

Update: First use review
Earlier today I took the knife to the stones for a brief touch up. All I did was strop the edge on an 8K Shapton Pro about 30 strokes per side.
Followed up with balsa loaded with some compound, then leather with compound, and finished on bare horse leather. That's it.
Making a stir fry for dinner tonight.
The Nakiri's first victim was a red bell pepper. The knife is so friggin sharp I can't even feel the blade cutting the pepper, honestly it feels more like I am cutting thin air. It trimmed the pepper spines effortlessly, and the flat blade makes that job a little easier than using a Gyuto. No up and down motion needed, just push the blade along the edge of that spine and it's outta here!

Next the onion. You feel some resistance if you do a straight chop style of cut. But if you do a pull cut or a push cut, the blade performance is outstanding.
One good indicator, even after cutting up the entire onion, I had no eye irritation or tears, its that sharp.
With a pinch grip, I had good control, and tried using the tip just to see how it felt.
My initial impression is to give the HAP 40 an A+
As a home cook, I can easily see me using this Nakiri for the bulk of vegetable prep, pulling out a workhorse Gyuto only for root vegetables or thick peel fruits.

I let my wife use the Nakiri tonight prepping for dinner. She cut a bell pepper, onion, and some celery.
Her exact words "This is the sharpest knife in the house"
Well now that she has used it, and she knows where I keep it, I think it is going to see a lot more use. :)
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