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Knives and stones questions.

Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:15 am

Hi Mark -

Props on the new site which just popped up - I must be one of the first.

I have spent hours reading on the Forum and watching the videos which are remarkably helpful.

I have some questions that I am addressing to you for two reasons. No one else knows the relative quality of what you have in stock. In other words, given two products which one is the better copy. And no one knows availability.

I am right handed, home chef and have a good collection of other cutlery including a few J knives. Sharpening skills are modest. I do have a Idahone and a steel and some stones in need of flattening. No problem keeping things clean and I think patinas are cool.

I am as much interested in buying great examples of artisanal craftsmanship as a tool for cutting things up which of course I have. I want a craftsman’s work, not an assembly line product.

240mm Gyuto
I am overwhelmed by the video review of the Anryu Blue #2. Does what you have in stock have comparable grinds to what the reviewer raved about? Do you by any chance have the video model at a discount or did it go home with the reviewer?

I also find the Itto hammered white #2 and the Sakai Takayuki Hammered to be attractive (though having a number of Shun’s, I am interested in trying something beyond VG10).

Based on what you have in stock and you know the maker to be capable of, which of the three would you recommend?

150mm Petty
I am much drawn to the Masakage Shimo - love the shimo and also the height

I also like the Tanaka Damascus Petty - again neat finish and good height

Based on what you have in stock and you know the maker to be capable of, which of the two would you recommend?

Now the real question comes trying to pick my way through the stones that are out of stock

I had hoped to get the Red Brick and am wondering when you expect to have that back in stock

I want a 2K Green Brick and am wondering when you expect to have that back in stock

With the Red Brick out of stock, I had thought that the Imanishi 1-6K was a good compromise and am wondering when you expect to have that back in stock

I am planning to get the honing kit which I think will eliminate the need for anything above 5-6K

Given that I am starting out with knives that very sharp OOTB what do I need at minimum now and what can I wait for?

I am wondering with these knives in mind how you would compare a combination of the Arashiyama 1000 and the Suehiro 5000 to the Shapton Pro 2pc 1K-5K set?

Finally am confused about a flattening stone.

Do I want the Atoma 2”x3” 140 grit strictly as a flattener? Or given that the stones are 1000 and up do I want the Atoma 400 for flattening and am I correct that it could be stand in for a 400 latte if I ever had something to fix and chose to fix it myself? Or will a Dia Sharp Extra Coarse do it give that I will be a light/infrequent user? Which would be the best in the event I got a Kitayama 8K, A Snow White or an Imanishi 10K later?



PS FWIW I do find it annoying that the Home button on the main nav bar doesn’t work.

Re: Knives and stones questions.

Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:28 am

On the 240mm gyuto I would take the Anryu first, followed by the Itto Ryu followed by the Takayuki. I'm sorry but we sell out the video knives fast and that one is long gone.

YES to the Shimo! Kurosaki-san is a young gun in Takefu and he's making really nice knives. I love his stuff and I'm working with him on more knives in the near future.

Re: Knives and stones questions.

Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:25 pm

This set is really good and a good value. I recommend it all the time to people.
http://www.chefknivestogo.com/3pcstones ... 5tdtPldVVI

The 400 Atoma is a mistake. Get the 140 for stone flattening and it's better to get the full size one since the little one isn't big enough. I use the little one in a pinch but mostly just to clean the swarf off the stone and get a slurry going quickly. The 400 won't do the job. It's better suited for sharpening knives instead of flattening stones.

Re: Knives and stones questions.

Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:21 pm

IMHO, a honing kit does not eliminate the need for a stone at 5,000 grit or finer. However, having an edge finer than 5,000 is not necessary either. Stone's work faster than strops, last longer, and at the end are probably cheaper investments at least in that grit range.

That said, the stone set Mark linked to has long been something I recommend. If you don't buy into a set, I'd recommend acquiring stone's in something akin to this order:

1,000 grit range stone. This is the backbone of any set if you're starting with one stone. Some guys have started jumping from 500 to 2000 or some such, but I never have and thus can't recommend for that.

Concurrently with the 1,000.....something to flatten the stone. DMT XXC is a great product I've used for years and can double as a very coarse plate for real serious repairs.

500 grit range plate or stone (you will eventually need to fix a cheap or thin the knife)

6,000 grit for a more refined edge

2,000 to 3,000

Past that....you're playing....and I do love to play.

As for the knives....I'd definitely recommend the Anryu and the Shimo....both great knives.

http://www.chefknivestogo.com/rila15pe. ... 5trJ_ldU1w

Is another good Petty.....great cutter, but doesn't have the soul of the Shimo
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