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Knife Suggestion

Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:54 pm

How original of a post title...Eh?

A few questions for you. I am re-outfitting my workhorse knives, and have stumbled on a few. Goto Gyuto 240mm or the Masakge Yuki Gyuto 270mm. For meat would be the Tojiro Shirogami Yanagi 270mm.

1. Between the Gyuto and the masakage, which do you think is the higher performer and overall "trump"? What about ease of sharpening and the edge retention? Will both of these knives fit the 240mm Saya?

2. What about the Tojiro? Do the Masakage Yuki series have a high performer fish/ meat knife/ sashimi style knife? What about blade protection for that recommendation (saya would be preferable, presentation is important to me, silly but true)?

3. And when do we expect the masakage knives to be back in stock?

4. Also, in regards to edge maint. I am looking at the 8pc sharpening kit but think its too much for what I would want, though I don't entirely know what I would need. Im looking to be able to maintain a razor sharp edge and fix any minor imperfections in the edge as they show up (such as small edge dips or peaks/burrs). Is there a stone kit that would get me basically what I need with as little "stuff" as possible?

Re: Knife Suggestion

Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:12 pm

Mark re-posted this from an Email I sent him. Sorry for the double!

Re: Knife Suggestion

Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:05 pm

I'm going to assume we're talking Goko and not Goto!! :)

Both use white steel, both are clad in stainless with a kind of rough(ish) texture. The Yuki seemed a little thinner overall to me and had the better handle. But I was overall more impressed with the Goko for some non-measurable reason.

The difference between the white #1 and #2 is going to be fairly indistinguishable.

Can't help with the saya.

If we're talking about the Tojiro here:


That is a true single bevel knife and meant to cut raw fish (and perhaps other proteins). It is not a western style slicer like a sujihiki is.

A sujihiki would be a better choice for western style cooking:


There isn't anything in the 8 piece set that I think is wasteful.....I use all of the things it contains every time I sharpen.
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