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Re: Knife/'s Recommendation for Home/Hobby cook.

Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:41 am

Again, thank you for your help.
On the Wood/Filter stuff..I do make clock's and some detailed high end stuff for family & friends....as I'm sure you know, woodworking doesn't pay very well, but is a rewarding hobby. Just built a jig & graduated to double dovetails with mixed wood contrast.

On the knives....
Anyone have any spec's on these knives (240mm)? I'm looking for weight & blade thickness..

Masamoto HC & CT

& for petty/utility knife, I think the Masamoto VG series will match up good enough for me.

On sharpening, I'm going to search the QA Sharpening form for a kit...as I have nothing...and would like to find an "all you need" starter kit. Any suggestions while your reading this?

I know from wood working, Grizzly has a nice cheap slow wet grinder to start with...but if memory serves, that maybe for starting with blank steel.

Thanks again.
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