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Re: knife re-handling

Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:11 am

There was one on Knifedogs.com from a Mike928 IIRC where he went thru the steps for basic Wa handles. You basically select and cut your pieces and figure out the way you want to join the ferrule to the handle. Mortise/Tenon joint, wooden dowel or aluminum tubing. Get everything square and flush and epoxy the setup together. Then flatten/square everything up and get the sizing down to what you want in terms of taper, height and width. Then do an Octagon, D or Oval shape to the handle.

Octagon, most guys use a large disc sander 9" or 12" and set the work table to the desired angle and then cut the bevels/facets on the handle, then sand up in grits. I use my belt sander with the platen angled to do the same. D shape, I take an angled cut off the top and a steeper angled cut off the bottom of the block. I oval out the handle from there so the non bulge side is nicely ovaled and the bulge side has a nice shape to it and it's comfy. You don't need a sharp point there or anything like that. Blend the handle until it's smooth. Ovals, just oval it out.

I fit up my ferrule/tang slot before the pieces are epoxied together. Others drill and broach/file out after the handle is shaped out or blocked up at least to fit the knife.
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