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Knife profile questions

Sun Aug 04, 2013 6:41 am

Hi all, I recently purchased the Richmond artifex Wa gyuoto. I also have a Mac Pro that I use on a regular basis. Both are 240mm. I'm also a new sharpener and in the process of learning to sharpen. I'm not looking for a new knife right now but I'm starting to like the profile on the Richmond more and more and I love the wa handle and weight. Just so I can have an idea, could someone throw out some other knives that would have similar profiles to the Richmond. Just want to have an understanding of what I might like in the future. Thanks for your suggestions. Also I'd probably be looking stainless or semi stainless, I'm sure this limits my options

Re: Knife profile questions

Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:06 am

CHRIS <> The Fujiwara you like is relatively short for a 245 edge @45mm tall, it has little belly & a smooth radius to the belly it has, and the height tapers earlier towards the tip, in relation to many other gyutos. It is very similar to the Sabatier/KS profile, but it doesn't look to have the same flat spot. Regardless, you'd probably like the Ultimatum. The Konosuke HH/HD Funayuki though they are a cm shorter on the edge & a .25cm taller at the spine. The Sakai Takayuki Damascus would probably work, as well, but is the tallest mentioned @50mm.

Re: Knife profile questions

Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:51 am

The Western Handled Artifex 240 shares a similar profile to the Fujiwara Wa Artifex, but has a harder steel.

Moritaka KS will be somewhat similar to the KS profile, but is carbon steel and KU finish. Ultimatum is close profile wise as are the Kono's that Mel suggested, but the Kono's are taller. HD2 version is very sweet!! The Yamashin is carbon, but looks like a KS profile in the pics.
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