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Knife Care Questions

Mon May 21, 2012 7:14 pm

Hi, Mark. I have some knife care questions.

I'm a home cook with a few Japanese knives. I'd like to take care of my knives and keep them sharp but don't know if I'm ready for hardcore sharpening. I was thinking of getting an Idahone rod and sending them out once a year for professional sharpening by someone who knows how to deal with Japanese knives.

First, I am wondering about honing vs. stropping. Which would you suggest?

Should I get one or two stones to try and keep the knives sharp between yearly sharpenings, learning to do that on some of the European knives I've left for my wife to misuse? If so, what would you suggest? Right now we're talking stainless and rust resistant steel to a hardness of 55-60, although I might acquire some white steel knives in the future.

On a different note, I'm thinking about the Konosuke HD wa gyuto with the newer, flatter edge. Is there a significant weight difference between the traditional magnolia handle and the custom maple burl handle you can get on the knife? If there is, where is the balance point with the custom handle?



Re: Knife Care Questions

Mon May 21, 2012 7:16 pm

Hi Howard,

I want to encourage you to try and sharpen. All you need is 1 combo
stone and that's it. If you start using it and like the results you
can build on that stone but it's not that hard and it beats sending
them out. It's fun and easy and takes minimal practice.

I recommend the Imanishi combo stone here:


You can use this stone in place of a rod too. Just watch some of the
sharpening videos on my site and call me if you need some help and
I'll be happy to work with you over the phone.

If you plan on doing lots of touch ups a rod is convenient. I use a strop at home which is quick and easy as well but a quick splash on the fine side of the stone and you can strop right on it easily.

Kind Regards

Mark Richmond

Kind Regards,

Mark Richmond

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