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Knife and stones.

Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:06 pm

Dear Sir or Madam:

I previously patronized Chef Knives To Go site when procuring the hard to locate F Dick Multi Cut Flat Sharpening Steel (Item # 7650428).

Since then I’ve received periodic Chef Knives To Go email[s] regarding new offerings, sales , recipes, etc.

I’ve decided to go all in and procure a top line chef’s knife Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto Maple (current price $214.95).

While I truly appreciate the Richmond product’s lifetime sharpening service I’ve been staunchly raised with the self reliance principle, thus, decided to “learn how to fish vs. being given a fish” and purchase the minimum requisite sharpening accessories to also maintain the edge of such a finely crafted tool with appropriately deserving reverence requires purchasing the DMT Diaflat 95 Micron Lapping Plate 10"x4" (current price $179.95), a quality sharpening stone set e.g. the MrKnife Fanatic 3 Stone Combo Set (Snow White, Latte, Green Brick, current price $195.95), SHAPTON PROFESSIONAL 3PC SET (current price $177.00), or the Shapton Glass 3 Pc Set 1K, 4K, 8K (current price $219.00), and possibly the Naniwa Sink Bridge (Item # IZ-1111, current price $59. 95).

Since ensuring the best possible outcome for a non-chef/advanced novice (at best) desiring to making a significant/sizable personal investment (between $571.90 and $673.85) only once, some items are currently out of stock, I wish to ensure the best possible purchase value, and self reliance should be intelligently combined with personal preference and sage experience from better informed sources, I'm compelled to make the following inquiries.

Concerning sharpening stone sets I’ve extensively researched the exhaustive site product info and tutorials and feeling paralysis by analysis being torn between the available and gravitating towards the Shapton Glass set. Assuming only one could be purchased and given your product experience with them, which of the 3 previously mentioned sets would you be most likely to buy and why? And, do you match competitor pricing and terms e.g. free shipping and handling (DMT lapping plate easily found for $167.54 in addition to similar knives in this price range both with zero S&H)?

Thank you kindly for your assistance and consideration.



Re: Knife and stones.

Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:11 pm

Hi Mark,

Here are a few ways to save some money and still get a good sharpening set.

Forget the big dmt plate and get the 8" one for half the price. It's all you need.

Only start with 2 stones. I like the Shapton Glass 1k and 4K and again you won't need anything else and you can learn if you find you enjoy sharpening.
The shapton glass stones are easy to use, don't require soaking and dish slowly. That's why I recommend them a lot to new sharpeners.

I did lower the price of the big dmt plate if you do want it. We ship for free over $60. We don't charge for "handling".

Your analysis cost you the knife however, because we're now out of stock on it. I should have more soon. We have the blades in the office and my woodworker is going to handle more of them soon.

Re: Knife and stones.

Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:27 pm

Very nicely written! Someone paid attention in their English classes. :D

Sorry, but I did enjoy reading your letter. ;)

As to the stones, there are as many opinions as there are people. My personal leanings would be the Shapton Pro set or Shapton Glass set, with a preference to the Shapton Pro stones. The reason is simply because of convenience since you do not have to soak them, and they would make a sink bridge essentially unnecessary. A small glass of water would be more than enough to splash the stones with. They are also a harder stone, so they will be longer wearing and not be as messy/muddy as some other stones. The mud isn't a bad thing at all, I just don't like a lot of it. Again, my personal preference. I would prefer the Pro stones as they are thicker so they should last even longer, and they come with individual cases that can double as stone holders with their rubber feet. The cases are also vented, so once you are through you can rinse off the stones, maybe pat them dry with a paper towel, and put them in the cases to finish drying. Then all you would need is a flattening plate like the DMT you mentioned. I will say though that the $79 DMT extra extra coarse plate will do the same thing and you would not be able to see a difference with the stone between the two. If you really want to go a step up, the Atoma 140 grit plate would have a better scratch pattern. There is just really not a need to get a $179 plate to flatten a stone with unless you just really want it.

Now of course I can't answer the last part (I ain't Mark lol), but I think with purchases over $60 you get free shipping anyway. Or at least I have with my knives. ;)

Re: Knife and stones.

Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:00 am

I would only considering spending that kind of money if you intend to sharpen lots of knives. I am getting a set soon and decided to spend more now knowing I will be sharpening lots and lots of other peoples knives.

If you are a home cook who loves good sharp knives and quality knives there is no need to get more tools for the job if you won't be doing the job...

The knife you bought will not be abused the same way as a commercial kitchen cook would. That is to say you aren't going to be breaking down 30-50LBS of produce daily. So consider a two stone solution. You will be touching up the edge every so often.

You can probably spend half of what you suggested and get the same outcome. Aogami Super is wonderful stuff. It maintains good sharpeness.

Re: Knife and stones.

Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:41 am

Start here and go from there: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/sh6pcstset.html

Re: Knife and stones.

Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:56 am

Get a stoneholder , a loupe and some sharpies. If you want 3 piece shapton sets get either...

Pro - 320 , 1500 , 5000
Glass - 500 , 2000 , 6000 or 8000

In either case you will need a flattener , I recommend the Atoma Plates , much more consistent than any of the DMT stuff.

On the pro set you can swap out the 320 for the 220 as well. The 220 is slightly harder and faster.
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