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Kikuichi Performance TKC vs Takeda vs other AS

Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:18 pm

I avoided high carbon knives thinking they were a bit too advanced. This past weekend, finally picked up my first super high carbon knife - the Richmond Laser AS petty. Wow, I cannot believe how sharp it is, and the maintenance is nothing different than what I usually do!

For a gyuto, what are the pros of the Kikuichi Performance TKC? Besides it being "semi-stainless" and cheaper?

And price not being a factor, any other recommendations for other AS gyutos? Been looking through Takeda and Moritaka as well.

Re: Kikuichi Performance TKC vs Takeda vs other AS

Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:39 pm

I'm thrilled you like my knife! :)

Here are some brands we carry with aogami super steel. It's a difficult steel to heat treat so there are not that many makers using it. I make it a point to find blacksmiths that are using the stuff.


The TKC is a good semi stainless western gyuto that I like very much. Very different from my AS laser so it might be a fun one to try since you don't want all the same type of knife.

Re: Kikuichi Performance TKC vs Takeda vs other AS

Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:17 am

Pro's of the TKC?!?!?! :o Aghast, I am, at the very thought of such a question. :) The TKC is one of my perpetual favorites.

In all seriousness though....not really many Pro's....just differences.

Western handled
Single steel blade (not clad)
Not a true laser....but awfully close. Allows you to be less delicate with the edge

That's what comes to mind for differences.

I've never held or seen a AS Laser, though....so I can't comment on it's use.
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