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Kaneshige Stainless 240mm Wa-Gyuto

Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:38 pm

I don't normally use any of the knives I receive from Mark for doing the Quick Look videos, but I found this one so intriguing that I had to give it a try for a while and report back to the forum :-).

This knife has a really nice blend of heft without feeling "heavy", grind geometry, edge profile, good fit & finish, and all around performance.

The factory edge bevel was about 80/20 with a right hand bias. I'm a lefty and this is the first double bevel Gyuto that has steered on me while cutting product. It steered quite surprisingly to the left during cuts - I double checked this using other knives just to confirm my sanity ;).

I went ahead and used the EP Apex to put a 14-15 degree 50/50 edge bevel, taken to the Shapton GS 4K level. This restored straight cuts into product for this lefty. I suspect the actual blade grind is 50/50 and the edge did not match the knife geometry at 80/20 OOTB. Just a guess on my part.

The knife also cut better after the re-bevel and sharpening. The edge is not super thin, but pretty thin. After using it a while, I used the EP at the lowest angle I could setup and ground the bevel shoulders down a bit to thin the edge a little. This helped a bit, but made less of an improvement than the initial 15 degree sharpening.

The tip doesn't go through onions like they're not there, but it performs pretty well - comparable to many other J-Knives that aren't super thin at the edge. Where this knife really shines IMO is general use and also to process tougher products like hard squash. I cut up quite a few acorn squash into wedges, cubed up a big (6 lb) butternut squash, and did some smaller squash. This thing handled them with aplomb. Sweet potatoes? Check. Slice some pork tenderloin? Check. Plow through a mirepoix? Check.

It's got a thick enough spine that you can pound on it with the heel of your hand to power through halving a squash, etc. It's got enough weight to muscle through cubing up butternut squash with authority, then attack a bell pepper or mince some parsley with ease. This is a very versatile knife.

The steel has also held an edge quite well. I did lots of forceful glide-push cuts cubing the butternut on a poly board and the knife was hitting the board reasonably hard. The edge still did really well cutting other things after that big squash.

This is not a knife with a delicate feel to it - I wouldn't reach for this first to brunoise shallots, but it's a great all purpose tool that takes some punishment (when used correctly).

IMO this is a great value for the money. I did sand the spine/choil/neck area a bit to smooth them out, but the rest of the F & F is really good.

"Workhorse" is an apt description here. If you are looking for a lower cost workhorse performer to complement a smaller or more "laser" like knife ITK, this baby might be just what you need.

I haven't held the 210 version, but I'd suspect it's just more of the same in a smaller package :-).


Re: Kaneshige Stainless 240mm Wa-Gyuto

Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:08 pm

I think these are going to really catch fire once enough people buy them and give them a try. It's a whole lot of knife for the money.


We ran out of the 210s but we're getting 25 more of them in about a month. We still have some 240s left from our initial order.
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