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Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:35 pm

Good Morning Mark,

I seeking to invest in a knife today if in stock or will wait a week or two

Seeking A Japanese Style
I am right handed
Hand Size wear a medium Cadet in a golf glove
knife skills novice but philosophy is learn on quality and treat with respect.

This will be my first professional knife
Want this as good investment.
Like the Idea of a workhorse very sharp/ durable
Will respect knife but want the best of both words great sharpness, great grind yet durable and nimble
I am new in a Professional Setting
Main use is Small amount of prep IE Avocado, Onions, Romain,Lettuce,Tomatoes, Skin Salmon, Cut Tuna and Salmon Tar Tar,chives, cilantro, roasted peppers, lemons limes
Good Blade sharpens drops through food easily and easy to sharpen

Looking for functionality
For Comfort s comfortable handle for my hand size rounded spine a bonus but not a must
Traditional Japanese looks

I have been looking at The
the Kanehiro D 506 a bit above my price but it not out of the picture
Your New Laser 240
Goko 240
I am open to your suggestions

Thank you,

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:38 pm

Let's put the Kanehiro aside since you said it's above your price comfort zone.

The main difference between my Laser Aogami and the Goko is the Goko is a stiffer knife with more of a work horse feel to it. My knife is very thin down where it counts and near the tip. I don't think you would go wrong either way. Both are out of stock but will be available in about a week.

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:31 pm

Yeah, the Goko's and the Laser's are quite different. The Goko is not what I would call a laser, but it's got good geometry and with a slightly thinned edge will perform very well. It has more weight to it than the Laser's as well.

Between the two, pick based on whether you want a laser or more of a sturdy knife.

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:00 pm

For a professional setting, although the body of the Goko is a little more on the "workhorse" side, it has a great grind, almost laser behind the edge.... the White #1 core may not be ideal for prep IMO unless you have good stropping or honing equipment to bring the edge back. The Goko I got to test came back so fast with a couple of stops on a 15k stone, it was scary nice. So, with honing equipment, I'd say for for the Goko for the sturdier knife. If you are going to be doing heavy chopping, I will straight up recommend against the White #1, it will fold too quick under heavy chopping, it's not made for that IMO..... Unless you put a 20 degree + edge on it... which will reduce performance significantly. Long story short, if you are a moderate chopper, then you'll be okay, but if you like to beat your blades up (and be honest with yourself here :twisted: ) then White #1 may be a bit delicate for the core.

Now, Aogami Laser on the other hand: Lighter weight, just about as stiff (no noticeable flex on either knife, Goko just "beefier"), has a thinner grind behind the edge, so it drops through things a little easier. The AS (Aogami Super) core will hold up to chopping much better because of the added tungsten. Also, AS steel will still get scary sharp and hold the edge longer. This knife will fly through onions and other soft veggies much easier, but the Goko will chop through harder ingredients a touch better. Both work great on proteins.

I think it comes up to this: Lighter knife, better edge life VS heavier knife, easier to hone

I think the Goko will chop as good if not better than the AS Laser through Onions, but the extra blade weight is overkill to chop onions with, to be quite honest. It's like using an axe to split a twig, not that the Goko is that heavy, but you'll get micro-chipping on the edge from the impact... which is no fun. Does this help at all, or just confuse the daylights out of ya? :mrgreen:

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:02 am

The knife tips / points have some differences as well which may be another factor in your consideration. Shaun, I think from your videos it looks like you have handled both the Richmond AS Laser and Goko Gyuto. Both knifes look to be very nice performers. Would you be willing to share your impressions and benefits about the tips / points and there shape and the potential impact on detail work and nimble work? Sometimes the gyutos tips / points have a shape that leans a small percentage toward a Santoku point - less pointed - a little more hooked look - as compared to others that have a very pointed point.

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:21 am

Given the set of tasks you listed, go for a laser. More stiffness won't make your job any easier, more weight will only hurt.

Aogami Super is good stuff alright, but san-mai knives don't have the same feel on the board as single-steel knives. That's something you may or may not notice, but it drives me nuts. And because citrus, onions and chives will be a relatively important part of the knife's diet, you'll make maintenance easier if you choose stainless.

From a purely practical standpoint, the Richmond AEB-L laser (which, by the way, can be trued on a steel) is the best choice in your price range.

Damn. Now I want one too.


Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:00 pm

Yes, the AEB-L laser would be a great choice as well. Laser and honing rod, you've got an all day prep knife. :)

Some people like weightier knife, some like lighter. I like medium weight, but balanced nice and blade heavy. The Last Richmond Lasers in AEB-L I put handles on were crazy thin, more so than my personal one, which is a 1st generation knife. You'll love the way it flies through stuff, ... now I need to go cut something, great...

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:43 am

Are the Spine and Choil rounded on the Richmond Laser if not what would that entail.
Also is it in stock today.
Thank you for your past comments they have been helpfull.


Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:46 pm

I don't believe the spine of the AS version is rounded, but the AEB-L one is rounded.

Normally I do my spine rounding on a belt sander, so I'll wait someone to chime in with a better hand technique. I'm not sure if we did another thread on this in the Sharpening section, time to go have a look

Re: Kanehiro, Richmond Laser or Goko?

Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:23 pm

i take a piece of sandpaper with a strip of electrical tape accross the back to prevent it from tearing. pinch the paper on each side and pull across the spine.
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