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Re: Kanehiro Ginsankos are now avaialable

Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:15 pm

Hi Mark,

How is this knife different than the konosuke HH. I was looking at both and wondering if one steel is preferable over the other? Are their profiles radically different? I was looking at your m390 ultimatum as well but sort of set a 200 price limit for myself.


Re: Kanehiro Ginsankos are now avaialable

Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:51 am

XO <> I'm sure Mark will respond in the morning, but the Kanehiro is Warikomi construction (soft stainless laminated hard carbon steel) whereas the Konosuke is Honyaki construction (one steel). The Kono is considerably taller @48mm as to the Kane @52. The Kono is almost half the weight @4.3 oz as to the Kane @7.2. The Kono is approximately half as thick as the Kane, though knives vary from knife to knife; the Kono's spine is just over 2mm at the heel whereas the Kane is just over 3. Both profiles have some belly while the Kanehiro has a slightly tighter radius but proportionately later in its curvature.

RE: "...one steel preferable over the other..."

Best, bad, good, worst, great, better, amazing, ugly, fantastic, wonderful, pretty, horrible, uncomfortable, perfect... all relative terms that amount to nothing other then opinion. One man's trash is another's treasure. Luckily you have a public forum here so as to allow you the opportunity to determine what you believe the consensus is. These are both "awesome" knives, but VERY different knives. The Kono is Kate Moss, the Kane is a Kardashian...
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