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Kanehiro 210mm gyuto review

Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:49 am

The Kanehiro was REALLY impressive out of the box. Great fit & finish, beautiful blade, devlishly sharp. All I've done with it so far is cut an apple for a mid-day snack, but so far I love everything about the knife. I like that it's a thicker workhorse-type knife instead of a laser, I love the blade geometry, the slightly-long handle, slightly-long blade, the ever-so-slightly rounded choil on one side, the feel of it in my hand. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be!

Looking forward to many, many hours in the kitchen with this knife! Cheers!


Re: Kanehiro 210mm gyuto review

Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:28 pm

All of the regulars here know how in love I am with the Kanehiro product... AS & G3 alike. That little knife house puts out an amazing item. I do feel they benefit greatly from rounding their choil & spine as they are pretty abrupt. Their AS has untouchable retention & edge potential. Their G3 is some durable steel. I LOVE their Wa's.

Regarding, profile/length... here's a comparison photo. 210's top down <> KonoHD Funayuki, Kohetsu Gyuto, KanehiroAS Gyuto:

{bear in mind the Kono has a custom oversized handle}

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