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Itto-Ryu Rentetsu Hand Forged White #1 Gyuto 210m

Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:03 pm


I was wondering if this is single or double bevel and what your thought on this knife are? Looking to pick up another gyuto at 210mm.


Re: Itto-Ryu Rentetsu Hand Forged White #1 Gyuto 210m

Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:11 pm

Hi Nick,

These are really interesting knives. They look super cool with the cladding and they're unique looking compared to almost anything I've seen.

The bevel on these is roughly even and they are not super sharp out of the box. I sharpened up the Santoku they sent me a few months ago and used it for about a week and I was really impressed with how sharp I got the knife. It took a beautiful edge and it performed well while I used it. That knife is on tour now and Shaun is about to get it for a video shoot. I think you would really enjoy it if you gave it a try. White #1 when heat treated right is a great steel. Tough while taking a nice edge and holding it well.

Re: Itto-Ryu Rentetsu Hand Forged White #1 Gyuto 210m

Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:14 pm

Got this knife in the mail the other day super quick turn around I must say!! Not quite sure what to think about it yet love the look of it great f&f. However it is rather heavy not bad or good in my opinion but if your looking for a light knife this is not for you. Also if your looking for a laser this is not it. Thick heavy solid are great adjectives for this knife. Edge out of the box typical japanese story. So I proceeded to taking it through the paces first a 400, then 500, 1000 1200 3000 5000 and finally a 10,000 finish then stripped on leather perhaps overkill I know but wanted to see the limits of what this knife could take edge wise. Sharpened great to a hell of and edge but after running it through some very ripe tomatoes and some carrots I noticed it was a bit thick behind the edge. So I thinned behind the edge a bit before work today and brought it with proceeded to cut what ever I could the weight of this knife make it feel so solid in hand it did well but still feels a bit thick to me. I plan to continue thinning as I sharpen I think some day it will get to what I want from it. It's a pretty knife, handle is good quality as is the blade I think it will be a good workhorse and its really solid so I'm not afraid to really use it for everything to me it seems as solid as and thick as a mioroshi deba. I'd say its a 7 out of 10
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