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Is the Shun Fillet knife the best?

Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:41 am

Hi Mark;

I went out for dinner the other night and our friends had invited a weird and peculiar chef to prepare dinner. Anyway, this guy prepared a really nice sashimi wahoo which was prepared and served on a salt block. I have a friend who is really into sushi (from a diy point of view!) so I asked the weird chef about knives. He said he was using a Shun Fillet Knife which he believes to be the very best for preparing sushi and the first knife that any serious fish guy should have.

Do you agree?

I cannot find it in your Shun collection. Can you get it? Can you ship it to Canada?

What I would like to order is two fillet knives (I gotta have one too!) and two of the 6000 grit sharpening stones. My shipping address is just outside of Toronto, Canada.

If you cannot assist, can you suggest someone who can?


Re: Is the Shun Fillet knife the best?

Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:48 am

Hi John,

See if you can locate a model number for me and I'll tell you if we have it or if we can get it.

Fillet knives do a wide variety of tasks and different people use different knives based on what they're doing. Filleting an 800 pound tuna is different of course than a 6 oz crappie.

Tell me what you would do with the knife specifically and I'll try and give you some good suggestions. There are a wide range of knives used to fillet fish. Japanese pros often use debas but not always. Shun has a few different fillet knives and we carry several of them. I like them but I wouldn't call them the best knife on the market.
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