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Is it me, or is it my naniwa 5k causing issues?

Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:04 pm

I can get a screaming edge onall my knives coming off the 1.2k bester and my natural stone which is somewhere from 3-5k grit, but it seems that no matter what system I try when I hit the 5k stone it just does not seem sharp. No tooth whatsoever. I've tried raising a burr, then refining and removing it finally on the 5k. I've tried taking it just to the point before a burr raises then refining that on the 5k. I don't think I'm rolling over the edge, at least I hope not, I am confident enough in my muscle memory at this point that I'm not doing anything different on the 5k stone. I can see its removing metal, theres a ton of swarf and left on the stone. it removes all the scratches and leaves a nice mirror but leaves it without any tooth to the point where my suji cant shave hair or simply slice open a cryo vac bag sitting on a cutting board.

When I got this stone in 2008 it was supposed to be near the top end based on price, but im not pleased with it thus far. its frustrating, I'd much rather be able to touch the knives up on a higher grit stone and hit the 1200 only when needed but i've yet to be able to accomplish this. Any suggestions on what else I can try? Buying a new polishing stone is, unfortunately, out of the question for the near future.

Re: Is it me, or is it my naniwa 5k causing issues?

Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:14 pm

You might want to only strop on it. Just edge trailing strokes to keep the toothyness in tact.

This changed my sharpening considerably when I started doing this. After 4k I only strop.

Re: Is it me, or is it my naniwa 5k causing issues?

Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:56 pm

The 5k is kind of soft, so I agree with Lunatic that edge trailing strokes is a good suggestion. The reason is that with soft stones your newly ground edge can snow plow into the stone and this will curl the edge. It also grinds the teeth away which help the edge cut food.

If you do want to go forward and back use very light pressure.

Re: Is it me, or is it my naniwa 5k causing issues?

Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:41 am

Thanks for the suggestions.

I do tend to use it with the same strokes/pressure that I use on my lower stones so perhaps that is causing my issues. Its still got a lot of life left in the stone, so being able to use it for a few more years will be nice!

Re: Is it me, or is it my naniwa 5k causing issues?

Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:20 am

When I first started sharpening I concentrated on getting the highest grit stones I could gather thinking the higher the grit the better the knife will perform. Now those stones 8K and above are used to polish bevels but the final edge for me is always between 4K-6K.
I love the Naniwa Chosera 5k, I use it every single day and what Lunatic suggests is spot on.

Even if you do a little sharpening on the 5K and whether you use edge leading or edge trailing strokes on that 5k, finish with extremely light trailing strokes only, lift the blade off the stone between passes and really focus on this piece which is the final stage of the process, for me it is anyway. Just the weight of the blade and you'll see the water moving over the stone as the knife edge pushes it, 5 times on each side is all you need.

Try going from the 1.2k Bester directly to the Naniwa 5K.
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