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Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:06 pm

Hi all
I'm new to this forum. Anyone heard of IO Shen knives ? They are fairly popular here in the UK, sell at the same level as Global, even somewhat less, and get some publicity from some chefs. On their site they they say their knives are 62RC which is 'highest possible' which is of course not true. I called the company and they said they've never heard of harder knives, which sounded odd to me. I asked about the source of the knives, it turns out that the manufacturer is in Taiwan, but the steel is imported from Japan. The have a supposedly 'new' technology called Triplex where the hard layer is protected by a soft later on both sides, to the best of my knowledge this 'new' method has been in existence for ,oh, hundreds of years ?
All the preamble, is just to ask if anyone is familiar with them and would recommend them ? They are reasonably priced for higher end- e.g. 9'' chef knife for about $150 (Don;t forget I live in ripoff Britain, where everything is more expensive). Reviews on Amazon are good.
So just wondering if there are any opinions here ?
Thanks to all who reply!
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