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Ideas for Mark

Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:26 pm

Mark clearly doesn't have enough inventory, so I thought I'd toss some more ideas at him...maybe you all have some good ones, too?

Off the shelf, ichii, burnt chestnut, stabilized octagonol, ebony, etc...replacement handles.

Varying grits of wet/dry (auto) sandpaper by the sheet, or a pkg of one of each.

A basic 1x30 belt sander, as the popular cheapies are often out of stock.

Runs of Richmond knives with kanji...nothing against the Richmond name, I just prefer it...

T SHIRTS!!!!! We want tees!!!! Buy them for $5 sell them for $20...how can you go wrong?

Stickers/ decals..lots of chefs gave tool boxes loaded with stickers, also laptops.
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