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Ideal profile for a cck?

Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:32 am

Hi Susan,

Technical question, and I have searched the forums, but I was wondering about the preferred profile of a CCK 1303, particularly the belly. I recently ordered two and want to give the best as a gift to my mother. So, within the range of manufacture would more or less belly be preferred. Side by side one is almost flat, with a millimeter or two at the heel and tip. The other has three or four, with more of a gyuto profile.

Thoughts? I'll modify the other to my own taste over time.



Re: Ideal profile for a cck?

Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:34 am

This is totally personal preference and I find most people like what they get accustomed to. That said ideally it should have a large flat spot and then both ends should lift away from the board starting about an inch from the ends so the corners don't dig into the board when you chop. I also like a dull corner on the back and a sharp pointed corner on the front.
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