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Re: How about a Sujihiki as a first Japanese knife?

Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:40 am

:mrgreen: Thank you to everyone. Learned a lot by researching all of the suggestions and Steve, I'm following your advice about learning on the EP first. Great idea. [Was already my plan. Great minds think alike. :mrgreen: ]

After thinking it through the Sujihiki is probably not a good choice for my puposes. Agree it's going to have limited chopping usage. Also went out and played with a nakiri the other day ...... just can't see myself switching over to that style. Yamashin was an interesting idea too.... but at the end of the day I already have so many samall slicers and utility I never seem to pull out of the block.

Guess a gyuto it is. Going to sit back and learn a little more about sharpening for the time being. I think since my objective is going to be to learn how to sharpen a wickedly keen edge I'm going to focus on carbon or carbon clad but who knows. Still learning.......
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