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Re: Honesuki or Hankotsu..........

Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:47 pm

There's also a regional difference between the two design with overlapping usage in different localities. I also like the hankotsu as a serious steak knife. For chicken, I like the honesuki or garasuki. The garasuki is heavier and OK to go through chicken bones. The honesuki is more delicate and best to go through joints. Both easily cut chicken ribs. I fold the chicken spine and then cut the surrounding meat afterwards with a honesuki. With the garasuki, you can hack through.

The tip is more delicate on both of these than the hankotsu. So if you are disjointing a leg of lamb or goat (dinner tonight), use a hankotsu or risk breaking a tip on the honesuki/garasuki. You can easily dissect the surrounding collateral ligaments, but to get to the internal ligaments of the koonts - hankotsu. For going inbetween beef pork vertebrae - hankotsu. For dissecting chicken breasts off of bone - honesuki.

For cutting hard cheese - honesuki or garasuki. Not traditional but works great.

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