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Hiromoto AS Gyuto 210 and Tojiro 90 Petty review.

Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:37 pm


I ordered a Hiromoto 210 AS Gyuto and a Tojiro 90 Paring knife on Monday, the 24th. Paid for two-day shipping because I'm admittedly a bit impatient, and you overnighted it to me! When I saw the Fedex tracking info, I thought it was a mistake, but sure enough, the package got to me yesterday.

I used both knives on the line last night without any work on my stones. I work in a very small kitchen (sometimes just myself, other times me and one other line cook) so I am doing a lot of prepping. Having a knife that is compact, able to tackle many tasks and capable of keeping a wicked edge for most of the night is critical for me. I can already tell the Hiromoto is going to be a real workhorse. The Tojiro is my first decent paring knife, and I am kicking myself for not biting the bullet on something of this nature earlier. I have several VG-10 knives and I like the fit and finish of the Tojiro better than anything else in my arsenal. I'll write reviews after a couple of weeks in the kitchen with them, but I think it's safe to say already that they are both excellent.

I will be coming back to CKTG for my next purchases. I knew the selection was there, and now I know the service is there to back it up.

Thanks again,

Re: Hiromoto 210 and Tojiro Petty review.

Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:07 pm

(customer)MARK <> Glad to hear you're pleased thus far, and I'm much happier to hear you're going to wait a couple weeks, after wear & sharpenings, to then do your review. I appreciate you making it matter; rather than writing just to post.

FYI: every free standard shipping I have received has been in 2 days.
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