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Help with my new stones.

Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:19 pm

Hi Mark,
I purchased the 1,4,8,16k stones along with the other items below - 2 separate orders.
My feedback is that I like the stones, though take some practice regarding keeping an angle and strokes. I have yet to set up and use the angle cube -- sure that will help.
For my 0-1 bushcraft knife, there is a lot of carbon loading on the stones, but I guess the stones were designed mainly for stainless steel?
I tried to remove the buildup with the 140 grit plate that was included in the starter set, but I noticed that it leaves scratches in the stones, expecially the 8 and 16k stones. Will this affect the quality of the stone and in turn not produce a consistant polished edge when get to that stage in the process?
Last question, for my 0-1 knife, I was hoping the 16k stone would produce a mirror finish, but I can still see faint scratches and its a bit of a cloudy mirror finish. Any recommendations on getting a perfect mirror finish, aside from spending a lot more $ on the 30000k stone? i.e., what type of paste,compound, strop, tools will that require and how to do it?
Thanks much

Re: Help with my new stones.

Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:37 pm

Are they Shapton glass stones? I'm just taking a guess that they are. While using them, they do get greyish black streaks on them during use. They don't normally really "load up" try using slightly lighter pressure with these. They are hard and cut fast, when using too much pressure , it can sometimes feel like they are loading up. The scratches from the flattening plate won't hurt them. On my higher grit stones I finish lapping them with 400 grit wet/dry sand paper on a glass plate because I don't like the scratches on my higher grits and I don't have a higher grit plate yet. Lighter strokes will really help at the higher levels such as the 16 k. To help polish the edge a balsa strop loaded with CBN or boron carbide will help produce the mirror finish at a much cheaper cost.

Re: Help with my new stones.

Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:59 pm

You need to make sure you are completely removing all the lower grit scratches before you move to the next stone. If you still have 1k scratches left on your blade when you get to your 16k your pretty much screwed.
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