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Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:08 pm

I have narrowed my search down to 4 knives in your inventory:

Suisin Inox Honyaki WA-GYUTOU 240mm
Takeda Gyuto AS 240mm
Richmond Laser 240mm Gyuto
Masamoto KS Wa-Gyuto 240mm
Konosuke Ginsan 240mm

I am a professional Chef and am in the kitchen daily. All of our work is done on NSF cutting boards (no wood), lots of herbs, vegetables, fruits, red meats, fish etc. My questions are:
Which knife with hold an edge for a longer period of time and are they easily straightened on a diamond steel?
Will any of these knives oxidize any foods after use with the knife?
Which knives are double bevel/single bevel?
For cost which would you prefer for daily use in a kitchen?

I'm relatively new to Japanese knives, but prefer the thinness of the blades and the handles as opposed to western knives like henkels and such.
I'm sure there are a million more things to know about these knives, but in the end I want the best knife for the money and something that will last and perform for years to come.


Re: Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:09 pm

To answer your question I need a little more info.

Are you right handed?
You mentioned using a diamond rod. Do you sharpen with stones and then touch up with the rod or is it all rod all the time?

Kind Regards,
Mark Richmond
(608) 232-1137

Re: Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:09 pm

I'm right handed and go to the steel when needed (obviously just to straighten). I don't go to the tri-stone until it's necessary. Like I mentioned previously, I'm in the kitchen quite a lot and have found that the gyuto knives are much more comfortable and great for fine knife work. My biggest concern is to minimize oxidization on the knife and the ingredients i'm preparing and blade retention.

On another note, I forgot to ask. I watched your video on sharpening these knives. Is it imperative to use the 500/1.2k/6k(I think?). If so the combo kit you have seems to look like the best deal for a knife like this.


Re: Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:55 pm

Hi Drew,

I think of the 5 knives you listed I would suggest the Konosuke Ginsanko. It's hard, stainless and sharpens up well. It holds and edge well too.

The knife has a 50/50 edge on it and I just think it will work for you better than the carbon blades you listed. My laser is stainless as well but the Konosuke will hold it's edge longer.

I posted your question so hopefully some of my friends and other customers will chime in and give you their opinions.

For sharpening the 3pc stone set is not imperative but it will work much better than an arkansas tri stone in my opinion. I would also suggest a fine ceramic rod instead of a diamond steel for touch ups on a hard steel knife like the Konosuke. It works better and is gentler on the edge.

Re: Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:51 pm

I have the Bester 1200 and Rika 5K, the felt block and eye loupe like in the 5 piece kit. I don't have the 500 grit stone, but I use diamond stones for taking out chips and stuff. The Bester 1200 and Rika 5K put a very nice edge on all of the kitchen knives I use them on. I would go for the 5 piece set and you can add a finer grit stone later on, but I find that I just stop at the 5K and strop it a little. For touch up's, you can use the strop or the 5K Rika stone instead of the steel. The waterstones will work much better and quicker than the Arkansas stones!

Most Japanese knives are much harder than the European style knives and their edges don't fold over because they use a harder steel that can hold the thin edge better. Stropping or using the 5K stone will be like the steel would be for the European style knives; great for touch ups and fairly quick! Or you can get a ceramic rod like Mark talked about to do the same thing.

Re: Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:58 am

Any one of those is an exceptional choice IMO, with the Inox probably being the thinnest of the bunch... not that you may want a knife that thin. I love the Laser, it really performs and isn't so thin that you have to worry about it.

Re: Help me choose between 5 gyutos

Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:37 pm

All those are great drew I have no experience with the laser but if it's like the ultimatium or legend you cant go wrong, or basically you can't go wrong with any of them and I think you know where to find me if u do. Peace, bullman
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