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He who hesitates...

Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:45 pm

...misses out on the last Kono Fujiyama Blue #2 Gyuto in stock. I was all ready to get the 240 Funayuki when those dreaded words, "out of stock", appeared. :cry:

My hesitation was due to research. LOTS of research, thought and reflection, and wishing I could actually try out the various knives and see how the various geometries make a difference.

Notice the wording there - "geometries", not "steels". I have picked up on the fact that the former is more important than the latter, though the artsy and scientific parts of my brain still fight out the steel issue in narrowing down my choices. I have also learned not to make stupid statements like, "Blue steel trumps white" when there's more that enters the equation than what alloys are combined to form a particular steel.

Anyway, I'm close, really, really close, to choosing what knives to get with much more knowledge and advice than when I was naïve enough to fall for marketing hype and get slabs of soft metal in the shapes of blades with very little carbon in them, otherwise known as Wüsthofs. I did research my tactical knives and ended up with Mad Dogs, but those are a little thick for kitchen use, and I gave one to my son before he make the trek from basic training to 82nd Airborne to Afghanistan to Landstuhl to Walter Reed.

So I'm asking for a little more input from anybody who cares to contribute, like Melampus, Mark, Adam, Taz...

First question/observation: I never see anything about the Kono Fujiyama White #1 Gyutos. Given that the words Konosuke, Fujiyama, and White #1 appear, the total lack of any mention of these knives on the CKTG forum mystifies me. It would seem to be - with the Blue #2's having been snatched up - a great alternative to the lasers for someone who wants a little more oomph, a little thicker blade and weight in a pure, high carbon, hard steel. Or is it just another pretty face?

That aside, my choices are narrowing down to the Kono HD2 240 (the Funayaki is currently residing in my shopping cart, in fact) - I love, love, love tool steel, and from what I have read on the forum indicate that the mysterious, proprietary HD2 has a fine grain structure akin to White #1, and the idea of "full steel" without cladding appeals to me. For similar reasons, the Suisin Inox Honyaki is appealing, though if I recall correctly, Melampus indicates the HD2 steel is a bit better. The Richmond Laser is finally here, unless they have all come and gone already, at an almost unbelievable price, and in Aogami Super, no less (no offense to you AEB-L advocates). I look at the Tetsuhiro Hammered White #1 and wonder, or at the Teryasu-Fujiwara but can't go that high in good conscience for the 240.

So my choice of Gyutos comes down to Konosuke HD2 or Fujiyama White #1, with Suisin or Tetsuhiro as dark horses in this race - or the Richmond laser,in Blue Super.

Now to Petty knives - 150 mm, of course. The Tanaka Sekiso is in my shopping cart, but...Mark, did I see correctly that you expect the Richmond 150 Lasers in Blue Super to arrive as early as next week? And what is y'all's opinions on the Teryasu-Fujiwara or the Tetsuhiiro Hammered White #1?

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:08 am

I was in the same dilemma, cause, a good knife is a healthy chunk of cash...and I don't particularly like wasting it on extra/return shipping charges, etc.
And I had basically narrowed it down to the same knives as you...AND I hesitated and missed out, a few times...but that turned out not to be a bad thing.
More knives will always be back in stock. For me. the feel and workmanship were very important which ultimately can't be assessed over the internet from a picture.
The look, the steel, the handle...were also all important for me. I got tired of hesitating, so I asked myself a few more questions and simply pulled the trigger on something I knew I'd like!

Turned out to be a good choice. I'm not sure, but I am assuming that Mark will take a knife back, so long as it hasn't been used, scratched, etc...

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:53 am

A co-worker had a konosuke Fujiyama white #1, im pretty sure that it is the same dimensions as the blue gyuto jus different steel. the blue #2 is talked about more because of the better edge retention and from my experiences, easier to sharpen for the less experienced. Also the funayuki shape doesn't come in white steel, only blue steel. you could custom order a white steel funayuki shaped gyuto.

I'm also in the same situation, waited to long now the Fujiyama blue #2 funayuki/gyuto is out of stock :(
I am either going to wait or go for a takeda sasnoha medium

For a recommendation for a gyuto, I would suggest a konosuke. but the two you are looking at are completely differen from each other. The funayuki hd2 is completey different profile compared to the Fujiyama gyuto. funayki is flatter with a lower tip. the Hd2 I thinner while the Fujiyama is more robust, and finally grinds are completely different. I can't say much on the other gyutos you are looking at excep if the susin is the inox honyaki. They are very good knives, not true honyaki but still feels like one. holds and edge really well and gets sharp!

For the petty's you are looking at, I can' help out to much, I haven't played with any of them. I can recommend the masakage shimo 150mm petty. takes a really sharp edge and very easy to sharpen. plus the look of them are amazing with the "frosty haze"

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:10 am

Jnani - do you currently own any Japanese Gyutos? Just curious what you have/what you've used, etc. so we have a basis to work from for knife advise. Once you start getting up to the dollar level of Konosuke, there are other interesting high performance options available as well - as you have indicated.

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:23 am

I've owned a Fujiyama white steel gyuto from Konosuke....absolutely insanely great knife. Truly a thing a beauty and function. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy one again if in the market for such a knife.

Between your choices:

Kono HD2
Kono Fujiyama white
Suisin IH
AS Laser

You run a fairly good gambit of knives.

The HD2 is a great knife....mono steel...great steel...made incredibly well.

The Fujiyama is another great knife....clad....better steel (I love white steel), but it's a very close race.....made even better than the HD2

Suisin IH is an extremely light knife....the lightest of the bunch, although not THAT much lighter than the HD2. Extremely thin (the original Laser)....good steel...incredible handle feel...it's a rounded bottom octagon....good to better than good steel (not as good as either of the above two), but again still very close. F&F second to no knife.

Tetsuhiro I don't recall ever seeing.

Richmond AS Laser.....a great knife...I hear....not actually used one yet.

Between all of them.....in the "Best knife" category, you're splitting a really fine bunch of hairs. HD2 with an ebony handle:


....unless you have a specific reason to.....want to try White #1, wanted the lightest knife possible, need a fully stainless knife......etc.

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:55 am

The HD2, as a "laser," is a good bit lighter and thinner than the Fujiyama. I wonder if the ebony would make it handle-heavy, though I've not held or used it.

Fujiyama is wonderfully crafted. Not by any means thick or heavy, but more substantial than an HD. I love the lines of its beautiful grind.

Somewhere in a recent thread Melampus suggested the regular profile as probably a better choice for most users. Up to you how strongly you feel about the funy profile and how important it is to you.

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:41 am

See, other's have said the same about the Fujiyama being thicker than the HD series. That wasn't the case for the few I've owned.

They were absolutely laser's and equally as thin as the HD series.

Now, all of my Fujiyama experience dates back several years and were purchased when Konosuke was brand new on the scene.

Man, I still remember that group buy.....what a box of knives!!!! :o

My gawd, was that really 4 years ago already?!?!?!?!?

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:10 pm

The blue Fujiyama's are not heavy knives at all...nor are they thick. Mine measures 2.1mm at the base of the spine and 1.1mm near the tip.
They are a 'little' bit heavier (60 grams or something) than the HD. Imo, they're a very nice weight...not feather, feather light but with a tiny
bit of heft to do some work 'for' you.

toddnmd wrote:I wonder if the ebony would make it handle-heavy, though I've not held or used it.

The ebony handle does not make it handle heavy...in fact, it seems a great match for this knife.
As I said in a previous post...mine balances very well at the pinch point.

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:16 pm

Mark is probably watching that video and laughing at "39 Knives". No poke at Adam intended, but just struck me as funny.

Still really, really impressive order of knives!!

Re: He who hesitates...

Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:14 pm

You sir have inspired me to pull the trigger. Sorry to threadjack but I have been wanting a konosuke hd2 240 funayuki/gyuto in combination with a carbon petty and was just waiting on the konosuke to come back in stock and went to pull the trigger on the whole package the other day and the petty was out of stock so I had to debate on what to get again while risking losing the konosuke. Not anymore, I went ahead and ordered the kono and the petty can wait. Get 'em while they're hot boys, some of these knives can go out of stock for a long while.
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