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Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:27 am

Yeah, that's a great idea. You run the risk of having it go out of stock.

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:24 am

Buy em all and then sort them out!!! LOL.

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:22 am

Yeah, I know they go out of stock, which is how I missed out on the Kono Fujiyama Blue #2 Funiyaki Gyuto, thanks to my delay and a sniper - er, snipes - who pulled the trigger right before I did. The Fujiyama White #1 240 mm should be just about perfect - a more versatile profile for someone like me, the right length (I thought hard about the Blue #2 270 mm Gyuto - and the almost $500 it would cost with a saya), with a bit more heft than a Laser.

I wavered even more on the Petty - the Terayasu-Fujiwara 150 mm in White #1, to keep the White #1 thing going, and I liked its blade profile, or the Masakage Koishi 150 mm in Aogami Super. Some advice given on the forums has been to the effect of, if you have a White #1 Gyuto, get an Aogami (or whatever) Petty, just to have a different steel. The profile of the Masakage also looks great, the heel is a few millimeters higher, and the handle looks, from the pictures, like it would fit my hand better. And it's a rosewood handle, not ho. I wavered to the point where I placed the order with the Fujiwara, then talked it over with my wife, who much to my surprise told me to go ahead and spend the extra $$$ and get the Masakage, after patiently listening to me talk briefly about steels and profiles (though not in detail). Bear in mind that this is the woman who thinks my Wüsthofs cut just fine, and has actually said, "If Williams-Sonoma sells it, it must be good."

Having changed my mind, I played detective to get CKTG's main phone number, called and talked with Mark briefly, who thought my choices of knives and stones were great, and changed the order. I'm glad I called right away, because everything was already boxed up - within maybe 15 minutes of my placing the order. Now THAT'S service!

BTW, stone include Latte 400, Ume 1K medium, Binsui J-Nat, and Shobu-San J-nat, plaus a horse leather strop (my old Russian leather one is, well, old), for a grand total of...gulp...Ah hell, who cares, they'll last forever.

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:20 pm

Nice stone combo!!! I love my Shobu!!

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:59 pm

FYI, Masakage Koishi knives have cherry handles. Nice knives.

And I really like the profile of the Fujiyama gyuto (regular, not funayuki). I like the funi, too, though.

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:16 pm

Jnani - that is going to be one sweet setup! Awesome choices! Let us know when you get them and get a chance to attack some stuff on the cutting board. :-)

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:23 pm

Jnani - Those are some great knives and stones, you made some great choices and should be very happy for a long time!

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:28 pm

Hi Robert,

Nice talking to you today. I think you made a good move getting the Koishi petty. You got a lot of good stuff. Sorry i couldn't talk longer. I had UPS and FedEx show up at the door while I was on the phone dropping stuff off and Sue walked out the back door. Your stuff is on the way so you should get it Wednesday. Have fun. You got a bunch of good stuff.

Re: He who hesitates...

Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:42 pm

Jnani - I'm glad to hear you pulled the trigger on the white Fuji. Yes you were snipered :), the blue Fuji Funi arrived today and man oh man is she a beaut. Fit and finish are as nice and exacting as everyone has stated. She went straight into the knife drawer for a few hours to cool off from the summer heat before being called upon for some light duty of mushrooms and shallot prep for tonight's dinner. The itch feels satisfied for the time being. I have no doubt you're going to love the knife. My only comment to myself and to you is you can feel the hardness of the edge. Meaning any type of sideways motion on the board gave this feeling of a very hard, maybe brittle, edge that demands your attention. The mrs. won't be using this one, which is fine with her.

Re: He who hesitates...

Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:20 am

Yeah, the Koishi's handle is cherry, not rosewood, which which makes it even even better. I was in a hurry to pack for a trip out of town to see our grandson - actually my wife's grandson, as I'm not old enough to have a grandson :roll: - and was going from memory when I posted that, and "as we grow older", as my wife tells me sometimes... BTW, the "I drove my wife crazy with all my research" quote in Sue's little thread was mine. :? My thanks to all the advice from everybody, both specific and general, meaning advice that could transform a SWAG (Scientific Wild-Assed Guess) into an informed decision - like the trade offs between Shirogami 1 and Aogami Super (and other steels), the importance of blade profiles, especially having a few more millimeters of heel height on a Petty, and the fact that coarse synthetic stones are generally better, or more consistent at least, than coarse Japanese natural stones, but that J Nats take over at high grit levels.

I am especially grateful to my wife, who woke up grumpy the last few nights and was, shall we say, less than pleased about the time I was spending reading about all this (she called it "obsessed", while playing "Candy Crack" for hours at a time) and let me know rather forcefully, in her own inimitable way, that she thought the Wüsthofs cut just fine (though she is a bit scared of anything more than the serrated utility knife, which she uses on lemons and tomatoes), that I used to think they were great, when I was really only sadly misinformed, and really did say that if Williams-Sonoma carried them, they had to be good, then today had a change of heart and told me that if the Japanese knives brought me joy, that was great and to go for it and get what I wanted, even if the Masakage was more expensive than the Fujiwara petty. She is still insistent on keeping the Wüsthofs, so I explained the concept of beater knives. :ugeek:

And for the record, our year-and-a-half old grandson is one of the world's sweetest, smartest and most beautiful little kids. How could he not be, with a mother who has an MBA and also happens to be gorgeous, and a very handsome daddy who is an architect (also with a masters degree) and who is not just great technically, but with an amazingly creative spark - I describe him as an architect with a Marshall tube amp and whose guitar teachers told his mother (my wife) that he was in Kenny Wayne Shepherd's league (Kenny Wayne grew up a block from my house in Shreveport, and while he hopefully has reformed from being a world-class asshole, is a great guitarist). My wife, for her part, is an excellent pianist - we have a baby grand in our bedroom - and I grew up playing trumpet and, being an Army brat, was always the best around until college, when I ran into music majors with money who had had private lessons in Manhattan their whole lives. But I digress, as usual...

I can't wait to get my setup. I just have to wait until Wednesday. Delayed gratification has never been my strong suit, and the only problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long. :cry:
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