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Re: HandAmerican Rod Giveaway: First Car?

Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:23 am

You are quite welcome cederhouse.

As usual Mark is very gracious and modest.

The truth is that any contribution on my part is a small matter when you consider the effort that he and Sue put in to secure and promote quality products and then get them out to customers quickly.

I was happy to do this and will be happy to do it again. I'm proud to be part of the CKTG group.

BTW - my first car was given to me by my Stepmom, a 1963 Plymouth Valiant with that famous slant six engine & push button Trans.

I used to warm it up for her on cold winter mornings in the months leading to my getting a license. I suppose it was kind to do so and she appreciated it, but I just wanted to sit behind the wheel whenever I could.

Once I got my mitts on that bugger my life exploded - took it everywhere, even drove it to high school - a block away.

Fun thread!

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