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Hakka Stone Review

Wed May 23, 2012 1:58 pm

Product Id:hakkatomae
Name:Cassius C
Location (City, State):Fremont, CA
Review:This Hakka stone is soft, and produces mud/slurry fast. I’d rate it 2.5. 5 being the hardest. It’s not suitable for razors but I bought it for sharpening my knives. It’s forgiving to use than harder stones (Suita, Asagi, Ozuku). Beginners shall find it easy to use. It cuts regular German faster than Japanese steel like Kikuichi damascus. It gives a haze finish. So I’d estimate the grit around 10,000 which is fine and almost ideal for knives. Finer grit gives a sharper edge but difficult to maintain. Few hard hits against the chopping board can dull the edge easily. Thanks to Mark for patiently answering my questions and giving a nice video review on a Sunday. I gave it 5 stars - judging from size, performance relative to synthetic stones, and price when I bought it.
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