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Gyuto recommendation

Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:59 pm

I am looking to buy a new gyuto and I'm torn between a few different ones.

just looking to get some opinions.

the three im looking at are:
- Misono swedish carbon 210mm
- Kanehiro ginsan 210mm
- Kikuichi elite carbon 210mm

also whats up with the new sakai yusuke 210.

im open to any other suggestions as well.


Re: Gyuto recommendation

Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:30 pm

CODY <> My opinion is - decide if you want a carbon or stainless blade first. As is, you've listed 2:2. It's a first step in narrowing your selection.

No one can give you an educated suggestion w/o knowing anything about you. What's the knife for? What's your price point? What cutlery experience do you have?

All pertinent facts needed, and even those are still quite basic...

Re: Gyuto recommendation

Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:07 pm

The Sakai Yasuke is a very thin knife, very light. I have a Kikuichi Carbon elite 240mm (first J knife!) and it needed some smoothing on the handle, but most J knives do. Takes a very nice edge, holds it well. Great knife! The Misono Swedish also gets good reviews. The Kanehiro is stainless steel.

Re: Gyuto recommendation

Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:44 am

What are you after? As mentioned, the one knife is stainless.

Misono Swedish get my vote from the list. If you let us know what you're after that recommendation could change though.

Re: Gyuto recommendation

Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:18 am

Im a chef so i need something that will take some daily abuse. Nothing too crazy, no cutting through bones. I use it more for slicing finished meats and veggies for plating.

I currently have a kikuichi damascus, which i like the balance of but i find myself sharpening it all the time to maintain an edge.

I have a carbon suji and I absolutely love it, easy to sharpen, holds a great edge, so i figure its time to pick up a carbon gyuto.

at the end of the day, im just a knife nut who's always in search of something new and better.

Re: Gyuto recommendation

Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:08 am

CODY <> I wonder if the Damascus you enjoy the balance of is western or wa. I'm thinking western, and if so, going to a wa is going to change that balance.

You chose the western carbon misono, western carbon kikuichi, wa carbon yusuke...

Tim gave you the run down on those.

If you're sticking western, I'd choose Misono over Kikuichi, but I'd go stainless-clad-AOS Hiromoto http://www.chefknivestogo.com/higy21.html . The soft cladding will give you more protection on the line, less exposed carbon to care for & Aogami Super to play with! :twisted: I find when you have to wipe the whole blade - it takes two hands. With a stainless clad, you can have your wipe towel setup somewhere stationary in your station & swipe the blade edge on it with just one hand. You know how important a free hand is...

Re: Gyuto recommendation

Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:17 am

The Misono Swedish still gets my vote. Good knife for the money.

Re: Gyuto recommendation

Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:43 am

If you want a good 210 gyuto at a good price with excellent steel and nice grind try this Tetsuhiro:


Aogami #2 steel is nice and hard and will hold it's edge better than anything you listed.

If you want a wa gyuto the Kaneherio AS is a good choice. It's a nice work horse type knife that has excellent edge retention.

Takeda's knives are always a good choice. His knives use AS steel and are nice and tall which is my preference.
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