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Gyuto 240 ($200-300) recommendation?

Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:14 pm

I am look at getting my first high(er) end Japanese style kitchen knife and would appreciate any guidance and suggestions you can give!

My specs:
1. I am left handed and would prefer a 50/50 grind (I think).
2. I am looking at the 240mm Gyutos or possible Kiritsukes. Besides looks what advantage does the Kiritsuke have over a Gyuos in practical terms if any?
3. From my research I am thinking I would prefer AS or, Blue #2, or White #2 steel but am open to suggestions.
4. Prefer “Wa” handle.
5. Price range from ~$200-300.
6. Yes I can sharpen freehand but am looking at possible getting a Wicked Edge system.

The knife will be used for general kitchen work but also processing (freezing or dehydrating) a garden full of vegetables every summer. I am currently using a 10” Dexter Russell chef knife and it performs about like a $30 mass produced knife should...

I am looking VERY hard at the Richmond Laser, Konosuke White #2, Masakage Yuki #2, and Moritaka Gyuto but again am open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance!!!

Re: Gyuto 240 ($200-300) recommendation?

Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:05 pm

Double bevel kiritsuke's have a flatter profile than most gyuto's the same size. They push cut very very well, the tips can be very fragile since they often tend to be very very thin. A 270 gyuto has a longer flat spot than a 240mm does, so if you want that longer flat, you can also look at a 270mm knife.

Richmond AS Laser would do very well with veggie prep. Tanaka Sekiso (all carbon) 240mm gyuto is one of my favorites, the grind is very well executed and it cuts amazingly well. The Tojiro ITK kiritsuke works very nicely, but I thinned mine out a bit and smoothed out the bead blasted kasumi finish. If you are considering the Kono White #2, also check out the HD. It's a semi stainless steel that will be less reactive when cutting down acidic foods and still sharpens up easily.

Re: Gyuto 240 ($200-300) recommendation?

Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:41 am

Thank you for the reply!

In your opinion how would the Richmond AS Laser compare with the Kono #2 white or HD?

Edge retention, fit and finish, rounding, balance, etc?

Re: Gyuto 240 ($200-300) recommendation?

Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:02 am

The Kono's will be a bit thinner at the spine, the AS Laser may be thinner behind the edge. F&F on the Kono's is good. I had an early one and the spine/choil were a bit sharp, but supposedly Mark had the factory clean up those areas on the next batches. The factory handle on the AS Laser is a bit small for my hand IMHO, but the Kono handles also feel small to me, but they are a bit longer than the AS laser handle. Balance is good on all of them. The Kono's tend to run short on the blade length. I like the feel of the AS Laser in terms of the profile, grind, heft, etc. The Kono's are a bit lighter and more nimble.
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