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Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:31 pm

I truly appreciate the opportunity to have my own little corner among such a talented group, thank you Mark.

My intention is not to use this so much for the purpose of promoting my business, New Edge Sharpening. I live in Nova Scotia, people will find me. What I would like to do instead is use it to tell folks who are good enough to read anything I say about the mistakes I have made in knife sharpening and in my business but more importantly how I handled them and what I took away from it all. Maybe someone here will learn something from that.

I am Naval Officer with 35 years service and I started knife sharpening within a year of joining the Canadian Navy. However it was not until a couple of years ago that I really learned about the process of knife sharpening. I met (online) folks like Ken, Mark, Tom Blodgett, Michiel and MadRookie to name a few and from those people I became truly obsessed and my journey began. So 35 years ago the spark was ignited and the interest and passion took root but it was not until I met these folks and many others of course that I became comfortable enough with my abilities to actually charge people. Then of course the whole Japanese Water Stone and Edge Pro Professional thing came into play and started to consume my thoughts. All this to say, I love knife sharpening and I love learning about it.

So I will tell you about my mistakes and we will perhaps have some laughs. I am very proud of the fact that I have many Executive Chefs here that trust me with their knives and my business is doing pretty good for it being relatively new. However, I know what my limits are and don't consider myself a heavyweight like many of the sharpeners here. However, I do have a black belt in passion.

Thank you for reading this, I will start to think about the mistakes I have made soon and prioritize that lengthy list.

I promise that one day I will own every water stone that Mark sells and eventually, one day even own one of his knives......one can dream and that is mine.

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