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Re: Graduation Gift

Sun May 11, 2014 3:33 pm

I'd just order the CKTG plastic guards, they're cheap nice and work VERY well for a case.

I use Chefpak to hold all my gear but my list is:
2 3x7inch grill spats
4 13inch rubber spats
3 9inch rubber spats
9 knifes
4 plating spoons
3 tongs
2 plating tweezers
2 off sets
3 wisks

If she can get buy with a smaller knife roll I would

Re: Graduation Gift

Sun May 11, 2014 6:09 pm

Thank g-d they knocked some sense into you because I woulda opened up...

Re: Graduation Gift

Sun May 11, 2014 6:29 pm

Melampus wrote:Thank g-d they knocked some sense into you because I woulda opened up...

Yea, you know us dads, we want the best for our little girls.

Melampus, any comments or thoughts on the list?

Re: Graduation Gift

Sun May 11, 2014 10:15 pm

I hold Messermeister in very high regard. Of the German knives I have a nigh absolute preference for them. I only wish my beater was a Messer.

I think the rest of your knives are pretty well considered. No reason not to throw in an Idahone and even the 4k Shapton; I don't carry any sharpening equipment in my kit.

Re: Graduation Gift

Mon May 12, 2014 2:01 am

MIKE <> "Any thoughts..." :lol: I've yet to find anything that can silence my thoughts... amid consciousness that is.

I have more thoughts than I have time to voice them. El numero uno estas, I think you need to step back from this dollar equals "best" paradigm. What's best for Daddy's little girl is for Daddy to realize she's a little girl. Little girls don't have the skill set to handle big boy toys... that is, at least, until they get some experience under their belt. :twisted: I have repeated ad nauseum that I recommend whatever is appropriate to whomever is asking - Global to Suisin, Cutco to Teruyasu, and JK's couldn't possibly be less appropriate for your little girl. Not to mention, she is going to be a managerial student... that barely touches upon food production.

I will venture to say that many on this Forum are desensitized to the reality of just how high performance the cutlery is that we speak about like common place here. We are accustomed to cutlery that the masses of sheeple would physically break in a matter of moments; many even here have done so. JK's are not for the masses, and they require respect that most do not nor do not want to extend. I'm not discounting your daughter or what you think you may have instilled in her, but we are not talking about only your daughter... we are talking about everyone in that school.

You mentioned somewhere in this thread that you hadn't considered theft. CONSIDER IT. It happens, it happens regularly, and it happens to everything... a Wusthof Ikon is analogous to a Doi to the masses; don't think German knives are somehow autonomous. You also mentioned somewhere in here that you are going to wait to buy her nice knives for home. Thank g-d. Maybe your first car was a Porsche, but even if it was, you most likely didn't know how to use it. Let her build some skill & some personal tastes. Then in a few years when - and IF - she graduates, you will have your opportunity to shower her with your money.

The Victorinox, the Messermeisters are all gone off the site because CKTG has been posting openly that they are emptying mainstream inventories in place of their niche... fine Japanese cutlery. CKTG understands that the mass production German stuff is better suited to other e-tailers... which is where you need to go for this stuff.

I agree the Messermeisters are premium to Victorinox, and that is why I do not suggest them. They are targets at school... period. Victorinox are awesome beaters that get sharp as Shiite & perform extremely well. A 10" is long... it might be too big for her too handle; especially considering the little she will actually be using it. The starter set at knivesNmore for $99.95, you can have a 20cm chef's knife for everything, a bread knife for all slicing duties, a utility for boning/fileting & general purpose, and a paring to pare. Seems efficacious to me.

Whatever's clever.

I can't imagine what could be more appropriate than the combination Bamboo. < link They changed the mix on the 1200 to make it not so muddy in this application.

Re: Graduation Gift

Mon May 12, 2014 12:46 pm

I cannot argue against Fibrox knives. More fantastic food has come of them than any other make or model.

Re: Graduation Gift

Mon May 12, 2014 1:06 pm

As a dad who is not so different than the OP, +100 for Melampus.

Getting her a kit you think she'll need or use is very different than the kit that's best for her circumstances.

She's what, 18? Unless she's heavy into cooking and knives, Cornell notwithstanding, she's no different than the other students her age. Let her blend in, not stand out because she has higher-end knives.

JMHO based on looking back on my freshman year of college 40 years ago.

Re: Graduation Gift

Fri May 16, 2014 7:14 am

After much cogitating, I have chosen to follow Melampus and others advice and purchase the starter set from Victorinox for $99. I want to thank every one for the advice and opinions, they were and are truly appreciated.
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